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Programs for Solo travelers, Groups, University / College students, Gap Year, Seniors and Professionals.

Travel Teacher makes volunteering abroad more ethical, meaningful and educational, we want travel to change you in ways that you have never imagined. Volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher is just about the most inspiring thing you could do. Experience island life and make a difference to children and communities living in hardship.

Aside from making a difference, you'll have the biggest, most rewarding adventure of your life. Programs in Fiji, The Cook Islands and The Maldives.

If you want to learn, grow and discover the world and yourself completely, try meaningful travel
— Travel Teacher

Meaningful Travel

See through the eyes of the locals on a meaningful travel expedition in the South Pacific islands. Join a group of like minded travelers as you embark on a journey of a lifetime. You will live at the heart of a remote village as you become fully immersive in local culture and tradition. 

Our programs are inclusive to all walks of life and are NOT just for teachers.  You will be encouraged to step outside of your comfort zone, try something new and discover life skills that impact the world positively.  You will return inspired, aware, grounded and eager to share your life experiences with others.

Travel Teacher | Meaningful Travel

Our philosophy combines education and exploration with an underlying focus on impact - not only on our field projects / communities and schools but also enhancing the personal development and wider skills of our participants / volunteers. 

Meaningful travel is not a vacation, a cruise or an all inclusive, instead it is an experience which will enhance your life, you learn to grow and transform by surrendering yourself to a new cultural and awakened experience.


Volunteer Abroad Programs


Volunteer in the Cook Islands

Volunteer on the island of Aitutaki one of the most extraordinary destinations on earth. Teach in a local school, providing basic education and get involved with a variety of activities.

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Volunteer in Fiji

Volunteer abroad and make an impact in the remote village of Namatakula whilst fully immersing yourself in the lives and colorful culture of Fiji's friendly, welcoming people. 

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Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Maldives

Volunteer in The Maldives

Join Travel Teacher in the tropical nation and embark in a journey beyond the 5* resorts to the breathtakingly remote islands of the Maldives. Experience local culture at its best whilst supporting our education, conservation and community development projects.

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Adventure Travel

The process is simple, you select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Each day will present an opportunity to try something new from visiting uninhabited islands, exploring remote waterfalls to climbing jungle peaks.

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Travel Teacher has provided me with so many opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone with complete support along the way. It has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.
— Tom Sedgewick - Travel Teacher Alumni

our charity

Creating impact.

The Travel Teacher Foundation is a non profit charity.  Our charity has been developed to give you, as a volunteer, an opportunity to contribute to and support your chosen project.  Fundraising is a great way of not only raising the money for your project but also raising awareness of the issues that you will devote your time to during your project.


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