2 Weeks in Aitutaki

2 Weeks in Aitutaki

Being able to make an impact on a global community while meeting the most amazing group of people has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The combination of teaching, living as a big family and exploring the island has made the programme so worthwhile. The memories I have from this trip will always remain close to me; from snorkelling crystal clear waters, hiking, experiencing local culture, to lying on a hammock on a remote island, watching the world go by.

The first day I arrived at our local accommodation I faced the reality of how the local people live and was worried as to how I would cope throughout the experience. As soon as I had the opportunity to meet the rest of the group it felt like home within a matter of hours. I feel blessed to have been able to share this experience with each and every volunteer on my programme, as I never thought that I would travel to the other side of the world with a group of people I have never met. We loved our experience so much, we even got matching tattoos after only 12 days together – yes, matching Travel Teacher tattoos!!

I found the transition into a new culture challenging at times but at the same time it was an incredible feeling. Getting pulled up to dance on culture nights, trying local food and regulary mixing with the locals was a great experience

The teaching part of the programme scared me the most as I am very self conscious and lack confidence, and I didnt think I could go through with teaching a group of students. Completing my first lesson was an incredible achievement for me, I didn’t think I could do it, but I did and I was so happy. I was grateful for the support that I had with this along the way, it made it much easier for me to step out of my comfort zone.

Big thanks to the Travel Teacher staff, the students at Araura College and my fellow volunteers for making this the best experience I could of ever wished for.

Jocelyn Rual