Alumni Reviews

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One of the most amazing/eye opening experiences of my life. Fiji is such a beautiful country and I was lucky enough to see everything that it had to offer from the beautiful waterfalls to the manic Suva!
— Jordan Knight
 Travel Teacher | Testimonials
There are many personal and professional benefits to be discovered in stepping out and jumping into a Travel Teacher experience. One of the big benefits is meeting other Travel Teachers who have similar values to your own.
— Kate Stretch
Words really won’t do justice to truly encapsulate my experience out in Fiji. The country is beautiful and the people the most friendly and accommodating. This trip has been amazing from start to finish
— Shannon Johnson

Stunning experience... amazing activities and the School was so inspirational!
— Dan Wellsted
This Experience has been one of the most amazing life changing things I’ve ever done! Brought me right out of my comfort zone!
— Sohail Khilji
 Travel Teacher | Dan Wellsted