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Aaron Daas

Aaron Daas Travel Teacher Alumni

Impact Assistant Fiji 2016

Travel Teacher has been amazing, I have enjoyed every minute of it, I loved working at the school and exploring Fiji as well as being out of my comfort zone.
The experience from touch down to where we are now has really made me grow more confident as an individual, The teaching work was fantastic, getting involved and actually teaching a thing or two as well as learning for my self.
In England it started out as 2 sessions a week for our teaching qualification with 4 people I didn't know(apart from my teacher) now we have spent time and really bonded we're like family, even just meeting new people is a stepping stone as I would be spending 2 weeks in a house with them and no communication from home.

Hospitality -I can not be more thankful to Vani (host) and Etika, everything was so nice and it felt like we we're part of the family. it was out of your comfort zone (in a good way) the amazing conversations I've had with the house hold will be something I'll never forget. The food was 1st class, it really gave us the Fiji culture one I will miss.
In Summary the overall trip from starting in a university to half-way around the world as been astronomical. The steps we've take and the challenges we've faced and overcoming have all made us stronger people. I felt like this experience has really opened my eyes, this all could not be possible without the Travel Teacher team thank you for this journey and the barriers I myself have overcome. BULA!!!!!!!


Courtney Fynan

Courtney Fynan Travel Teacher Alumni

Impact Assistant fiji 2016

Being on this experience has been amazing. The whole journey has been an experience of a lifetime. I've met some amazing people along the way who I will never forget. I have been supported 100% along the way, from studying before the trip up until the end of our time at Fiji. There has always been someone there to help me. All the food has been amazing. It's been good trying new things.
This trip has changed me in many of ways. It has made me a more confident person as I have met a lot of new people along the way. Being in Fiji has also made me realise a lot of things about myself.

Natasha Smith

Natasha Smith Travel Teacher Alumni

Impact Assistant fiji 2016

I've travelled to a few countries and being a teacher was not on my agenda, however I can honestly say this has been the best experience of my life. At nearly 30 years old I can't believe how much I have learnt. I've enjoyed giving back and the whole holiday experience. The food has really surprised me, one night we had a curry and it was better than a home curry!! Living with Vani's family was incredible there so loving and welcoming. The support has been incredible, thank you travel teacher for everything love my Fiji family forever Tasha xxx


Chanice Askham

Chanice Askham Travel Teacher Alumni

Impact Assistant fiji 2016

Never had a more amazing experience in my life. It was honestly a life changing trip! Matt has been amazing support from day one, from as soon as I signed up I've been able to email him or see him in person for whatever I have needed. I couldn't have asked for better support!
When in Fiji the hospitality was amazing, everyone was so welcoming. It was like having a home away from home! The food was amazing I will honestly miss having a home cooked meal everyday.
This experience has completely changed my life and has helped me look at life from a different aspect. Before I came I was 100% certain in what I wanted to do in the future and now I'm about 40% sure. I will go back to England more grateful for the life and opportunities I have been given and will be given!
Thank you Travel Teacher

Ellen Smith

Ellen Smith Travel Teacher Alumni

Impact Assistant fiji 2016

I have found the whole trip amazing, I don't think I can find anything to fault my experience here in Fiji with travel teacher. I've met some amazing people and done some amazing things I will never forget. I defiantly want to be part of another trip.
The support you receive whilst on the trip is something you won't get anywhere else, I have felt like there's been someone there at any point I have needed it, from studying the course to working in the school. The village we have been staying in has been amazing, it's been a great way to experience the Fijian culture and how they live, everyone has been so friendly and welcoming and I can't express how thankful I am to of met the families we have. The food has been brilliant, fresh food every night prepared in the kitchen, lots of new things to try and taste, the amount & selection of food has been really good.
I feel this trip has developed me lots, it makes you realise how ungrateful you can be, I've come out of my comfort zone a lot as before the trip I would never of found myself standing up in front of people to teach/plan a lesson, so that's a big step for me.
Overall everything has been brilliant and I would love to be part of another trip!!