Arrive as strangers, leave as friends

Arrive as strangers, leave as friends

I didn’t know what to expect when I arrived on my expedition with Travel Teacher, id been imagining it for months, the experiences id have, the friends id make, but nothing prepared me for this.

I have been on expedition for 2 weeks – the best 2 weeks!! It took a me time to find my feet in Fiji, but that’s the beauty of this experience, my confidence and self belief has improved greatly! If somebody told me that I would be hiking up to the highest point of an island, I would of called them crazy, but I did it and let me just say – the views were incredible.

I chose Travel Teacher because I wanted to travel but be more than just a tourist. What caught my eye was that Travel Teacher offered “Meaningful Travel”. It also gave me a chance to see a part of the world I may not have had the chance to see.

One of the great things about Travel Teacher is that there’s no typical day. I really enjoyed all of the activities and immersive experiences, which really took me out of my comfort zone.
My one piece of advice to anyone thinking to join the programme would be to just get stuck in enjoy it and savor every moment. I was nervous at first, but my group and local hosts were wonderful, they tried their best to make me feel comfortable. So I would say just go for it, and it’ll work out wonderfully.

My best moment was by far going out stargazing with some of the other Travel Teachers . The stars literally lit up the night sky. It was amazing just sitting there, no music, no distractions, with some amazing people I’m honored to call friends.

Alice Wilson