Our Community

Travel Teacher aims to provide excellence in meaningful travel by developing a community support network in the shape of our volunteers.  We are in the embryonic stages of our mission but we believe that our innovative program model will lead to growth in our community, promoting long lasting, sustainable results in our program countries. We pride ourselves on adhering to a set of values and principals which are embedded throughout our programmes.

 The Travel Teacher community
This is the best, most rewarding thing I have experienced yet and I’ve met people I will never ever forget
— Alannah Sullivan - Travel Teacher Volunteer

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad


Read a selection of testimonials from Travel Teacher alumni who have been with us in the field.  Hear their stories and find out what they have to say about their experiences with us.

Volunteer Abroad | travel blog

The 'My Travel Teacher' blog allows current and prospective volunteers to learn more about our meaningful approach, stay in touch with project events and read stories from members of our community.

Alumni services

Travel Teachers alumni scheme has been developed to allow our volunteers to stay connected and inspire others by telling their story once they have returned home from their project.  It also allows volunteers to take advantage of exclusive offers to join us back in the field or even return for free by becoming a Travel Teacher ambassador.