Ethical Volunteering

Travel Teacher takes extensive care to ensure that our global engagement projects are conducted to the highest possible standard, with a particular focus on the quality and the outcomes of our projects.

 Travel Teacher | Travel and Teach in Fiji

We have developed our own non-profit charity

The Travel Teacher Foundation is a non-profit charity that works alongside Travel Teacher. Our charity is designed to give you as a volunteer the opportunity to help support your chosen project. 100% of your fundraising money goes directly to our projects.  You will help us to decide how your fundraising contribution is used by giving direct input to identify what is needed to develop the project for the future.

Non-Profit volunteer projects

Travel Teacher offers non-profit volunteering, we do not gain any profit from our volunteer projects. Travel Teacher acts as a connector that facilitates the training, logistics, itinerary and in country support for our volunteers to be placed at our projects.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteers sampling Fijian culture

Long Term commitment and sustainability

We are committed to the long term sustainability of our work. We achieve this by delivering regular projects to support our partnered schools and communities. We offer participants an option of short and medium term volunteering placements and longer term scholarships.

Volunteers will never replace local employment

We make sure that volunteers never replace local jobs but provide additional support that would otherwise not be received. This is very relevant to our development projects which are conducted in local schools. Volunteers will never replace the school teacher but instead offer additional support.

Responsible Donations

All donations made to The Travel Teacher Foundation are to support the aims and objectives of our charity.  All donations are tangible, that way we can ensure that your fund raising is put to its full use.