Explore the south pacific

Travel Teacher | Program Expedition

Step off the beaten track

Travel Teacher's expedition will take you off “the beaten track” for an adventure travel experience of a life time! Embedded within your volunteering project we provide you with the opportunity to discover Fiji and The Cook Islands in their most authentic form. 

Travel Teacher | Expeditions

Exceptional Life Experiences

Volunteers will spend half of their day from Mon-Fri engaging in project work, whilst the remainder of the day will provide opportunities for exploration, not forgetting the weekends!  You will immerse yourself in the rich culture of your selected destination whilst learning new skills and making life long memories. 

Impact Expedition Travel Teacher

A world away from the tourist trail

Our adventure travel expeditions compliment your meaningful impact within the community.  Whether your passion and interests are spectacular waterfalls, untouched beaches, castaway islands or beautiful rain forests our expeditions in the South Pacific will surpass your expectations.

An amazing opportunity to experience culture as well as explore the islands hidden gems on different trips
— Tashana Mcnaught - Travel Teacher volunteer, Fiji

Fiji Expedition

Set your internal clock to 'Fiji time': exploring the archipelago's exquisite beaches, undersea marvels and fascinating culture shouldn't be rushed.  See the best of Fiji with our travel expedition.

Expedition Fiji

Cook Islands Expedition

Aitutaki, the Cook's second most visited island, curls gently around one of the South Pacific's most stunning lagoons.  The broad sandy beaches of its many small deserted islets make for a glorious scene.

Aitutaki Expedition