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We have complied a selection of our most frequently asked questions to assist you in making an informed choice about our provision. Should you have further questions, please get in touch us using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

 Travel Teacher volunteering in Fiji

Q. What's included my volunteer fees?

A. A full list of inclusions for our program expeditions can be found on our destination pages for Fiji and


Q. Do couples embark on experiences with Travel Teacher?

A. Yes, every work placement experience is made up of people traveling alone, or in small groups, or even couples.  If you travel as a couple please make us aware on your application form so we can ensure that you are on the same trip.


Q. How do I book my expedition?

A. If you wish to register your place on a Travel Teacher program  please complete and submit our online Application Form Please note that applications will not be processed before a registration payment of £50 has been made as per our Terms and Conditions.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Q. Are the flights included in the price?

A.  No flights are not included in the price. Volunteers are responsible for booking their own flights - ensuring they correspond with our departure dates.

Travel Teacher have partnered with STA Travel - The world's largest youth travel company to provide our volunteers with a personalised access to a safe, cheap and hassle-free travel booking experience.

To get a quote for your flights, travel insurance and anything else, please submit your enquiry to  or contact our dedicated team direct on (0)333 321 3102

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad

Q. I am traveling alone, will I be the only one?

A. No, the majority of people that embark on our experiences are on their own. Our discovery experiences are a great way to travel safely and meet other like minded people, and we do not charge single supplements. Why not join our Facebook Page and communicate with other Travel Teacher volunteers.


Q. Are there any age restrictions?

A. Travel Teachers volunteering abroad experiences cater for individuals aged 17 and above.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Q. Do I need to tip?

A. Tipping is not customary in Fiji or in The Cook Islands, however if you would like to reward good service please do so.


Q. Am I guaranteed to get a place once applying?

A. Travel Teachers volunteers are not just able to 'buy' their involvement on our global experiences. All application forms are fully assessed prior to inviting individuals to an interview conducted either face to face, over the phone or via Skype. This is a very informal process to establish personality traits, ambition and motives.


Q. Do you provide Transportation?

A. Your airport transfers are included within the package, as well as transportation too and from all activities and your work placement. Any additional activities that you book usually include transport within the price, if it doesn't, we can recommend local bus routes which are very reasonable.

Q. When should I book my volunteering Expedition?

A. Book Early! Our experiences fill up very quickly so you should apply and register as soon as possible.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad

Q. Do I need to pay everything upfront?

A. No, our standard registration fee is £50 with the remainder of your registration fee due 90 days after the date of application. Once your application has been processed and confirmed we will send you an installment plan so you can stay on track with your payments. Your full balance must be paid 60 days prior to your departure.


Q. How and when do I receive my confirmation and documents?

A. Once you have completed the application process you will receive your confirmation via email within 7-10 days, this will inform you of the next steps and will provide information about your Travel Teacher pre departure preparation.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Q. Can I find out who else will be on my expedition?

A. Once you have completed the registration process you will be able to join our event page via our Facebook platform. This will enable you to connect with other people on the same project.

Q.Will my mobile phone work whilst I'm away?

A. You will need to check with your network provider whether your phone will work in our destinations.  You will have the option of purchasing an international sim-card whilst you are away.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Q. How do I access money whilst I am away?

A. Whilst in Fiji you will be able to exchange your money into Fiji dollars at the airport, however we suggest that you exchange your money in the UK for a better exchange rate. ATM's can only be relied upon in towns, cities and big resorts. The nearest ATM to our accommodation in Fiji is 7km away and is $3 on a bus.

New Zealand dollars are used in the Cook Islands.  There are limited ATMs and banks on Aitutaki, and using credit cards is also widely accepted on the island.

Q. How much luggage can I bring?

A. One suitcase or backpack ideally no heavier than 20kg, you may also bring one carry on bag. Be sure to check the weight allowance for your airline as well.


Q. Where can I charge things during my trip?

A. Our volunteers will have the opportunity to charge their own phones / devices via power outlets at the accommodation.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad

Q. Will I have access to Wi-Fi during my trip?

A. There will be opportunities to connect to WI-FI during your visit, this means that you can stay connected with your family and friends back home.

Q. Do I need a Visa?

A. Travel Teachers joining instructions will provide you with up to date information on visa requirements.


Q. What is the minimum number of volunteers on a volunteer expedition?

A. The minimum number of volunteers on any program is 7.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in The Cook Islands

Q. Do I need to pre-book any optional activities?

A. No you don't not need to pre book any optional activities, this will be taken care of by our field team. Your field coordinator will run through the options with you whilst on the trip.

Q. Do I need Travel Insurance?

A. Yes, it is vital for all of our volunteers to obtain adequate travel insurance for their trip.  From your application our partners STA Travel we will be able to advise you on the correct insurance that will provide you with adequate cover.


Q. Will I be able to use my straighteners and hair dryer?

A. You will be able to bring these appliances with you, however make sure that you bring an international plug adapter and check the voltage as they can vary, meaning that your appliances won't won't exactly the same as they do at home.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Q. How much money do I need to bring?

A. We recommend that you budget yourself £15 - 20 per day.

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