Volunteer in Fiji | Itinerary

During your spare time our project field team will work hard to ensure that you can enjoy the spectacular sights that Fiji has to offer through our local expedition. We will devise an engaging cultural itinerary to meet your needs and interests, whether its island hopping, visiting the beautiful beaches or going snorkelling in the crystal clear waters of the coral coast among other attractions, we will ensure that this travel Fiji experience will be unique and tailored to meet your own needs.

Below is an outline of some of our program highlights during a two week expedition in Fiji (Please note, the itinerary is subject to adaptation depending on availability of tours, the time of the year,  your project start date and also the length of time that you spend with us- additional charges may incur for some activities.)

 Cultural immersion Fiji

Day 1

BULA!! Upon arrival in Fiji you will be shuttled from Nadi International airport to the village of Namatakula, your transfer will take approx 2 hours, so sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery on route. Once you have arrived at your village home stay accommodation you will be greeted in traditional Fijian style.

You will take part in a welcome ceremony where you will be presented with garlands and have the opportunity to drink some Kava. This will be followed by some singing and dancing with the locals.  You will then receive an induction briefing and orientation of the village before having the opportunity to rest after your long flight.

 Travel Teacher | Biausevu Waterfall

Day 2

Rise and shine - your work placement experience begins here.  After breakfast you will be transported / walk the short distance to Ratu Filise Memorial School where you will be introduced to your assigned cohort of young learners for the duration of your experience.

In the afternoon you will have the opportunity to join us on a guided trek to the enchanting Biausevu waterfall.

 Travel Teacher | Sebeto hot springs Fiji

Day 3

After your work placement you will get a chance to grab a snack before heading off to one of Fiji's hidden jewels - The Sabeto Hot Water Springs. You will have the opportunity to indulge in a therapeutic natural spa, also known as the Sebeto mud baths.  This is an ideal remedy for self cleansing and beautifying yourself.  The sulphur in the hot springs is believed by locals to have natural healing properties.  This is a great social experience - don't forget your swimwear!!

I have done so many things that I thought I would never get the opportunity to in my life, the experience has been amazing. I would recommend Travel Teacher to anyone.
— Chanice Askham, Travel Teacher Alumni

 Travel Teacher | Naihehe cave

Day 4

After your work placement you will get a chance to grab a snack before heading off to one of Fiji's hidden jewels - Naihehe cave.

Naihehe means ‘a place to get lost’. Naihehe Cave was home to the 'Sautabu' people during Fiji's tribal warfare days.

During the tribal warfare days, the cave was where the people of the tribe would retreat to and hide from their enemies. Due to the natural fortress characteristics of the Naihehe cave which prevented attackers entering on masse, the clan were able to successfully defend themselves from many enemies over centuries.


 Natadola Beach Fiji

Day 5

After a productive morning you will have the opportunity to visit the picturesque Natadola Beach. The beach is perfect for Swimming, Snorkelling and just chilling out. You will also get the opportunity to learn to paddle board in the crystal clear waters, where you may witness some stunning marine life.

During the evening the group will attend a traditional Fijian cultural dance where you will have an opportunity to mix with the locals and experience a community atmosphere like no other.

 Beachcomber Island Fiji

Day 6

Today is your day off, ready yourselves for a spectacular visit to one of Fiji's magical islands - Beachcomber. You will depart your village accommodation shortly after breakfast and take a short shuttle to Denarau Marina where you will be transported via boat to this dream island. Situated on a picturesque marine sanctuary in the heart of the Mamanuka islands - it's an island that is easy to get too, yet very hard to leave.  This is the most sought after destination on the South Pacific.

The expedtion gave us a real chance to see the highlights of Fiji and not just the typical tourist attractions
— Caroline Chippett - Travel Teacher Alunmi

 Tivua Island Fiji

Day 7

Today we will take a speed boat to yanuca island. The island is fringed with white sand and is surrounded by acres of reef, which makes it great for snorkelling. Take a hike up to the islands peak or if you prefer simply to relax by the beach with a good book - The island is your oyster.

Day 8

Back to School!  You will return back to your work placement and reignite the fantastic rapport that you have built during the past week with your cohort of learners.

In the afternoon we will visit the town of Sigatoka - here you will be able to relax, take in some shopping and purchase some local souvenirs for loved ones back home. 

 Kula Eco Park Fiji

Day 9

Today you will embark on a ecological visit to Kula Eco Park. Kula Park is an environmental show piece of the Coral Coast and is a breeding centre for endangered Fijian wildlife.  Kula Eco Park is home to several native birds and reptiles, you will get an opportunity to hold and take pictures with some of the rarest animals in the world.

I have had such an amazing journey, the trips to the islands were just unbelievable, it actually felt a little emotional
— Alannah Sullivan - Travel Teacher Alumni
 Our volunteers enjoying a round island adventure

Day 10

Get set for a road trip! today we will embark on a round island trip taking in the whole of Viti Levu (the main Fiji Island) There are 3 national parks, the 2 largest cities in Fiji, a hydroelectric dam, the 'most picturesque' village in the country, the Fiji Water factory, markets, not to mention small islands not too far off the coast, so dont forget your camara.

 Travel Teacher | Suva trip

Day 11

Journey into Fiji's culture and Evolution, we will be visiting Suva - the capital city of Fiji. Here you will have an opportunity to visit The Museum of Fiji where you can enjoy some of the wonderful exhibits. The museum houses an archaeological collection dating back 3700 years. As a prelude to your museum experience take a stroll through the city's botanical garden - The Thurston Gardens. The gardens are built on the original town of Suva which was burned in 1843 in one of the bloodiest fights in Fiji history.

If that isn't enough you can explore the city centre shops and markets, keeping an eye open for a bargain.

 Jungle trek Fiji

Day 12

Today will be the last day of your work placement - this will be an opportunity to celebrate the success and progress made with your learning cohort.

Today you can take a jungle trek with our very own local guide - Joe.  You will be led through the magnificent greenery which leads to a water pool, so don't forget your swimwear!

One of the most amazing and eye opening experiences of my life. Fiji is such a beautiful country and I have been lucky to see all it has to offer
— Jordan Knight - Travel Teacher Alumni
 Beachcomber Island Fiji

Day 13

Today you will have the option to visit another of the Mamanuca Islands, and enjoy your last day in paradise - this can be organised on a bespoke basis by our Country Manager in Fiji (This may incur additional costs).

In the evening we will conduct our Travel Teacher Project - Awards Ceremony. This will be a celebration of achievement and success, there will be singing, dancing and Kava of course.

 Travel Teachers Fiji Family

Day 14

Today you bid farewell to the beautiful Island of Fiji, we hope this is not goodbye - But 'see you later'.

All volunteers will be transported back to Nadi International Airport in preparation for departures.