My first journey out of Europe

My first journey out of Europe

My experience in The Cook Islands changed my life. For someone who had never been out of Europe, enrolling on the programme was the first step towards stretching the parameters of my comfort zone to its fullest. Whilst embarking on the journey I learnt a great deal about myself. The process of making new friends and having to immerse myself in an unfamiliar culture showed that I was adaptable.

For me, my personal highlights were teaching – I don’t think that I have ever taught students with so much enthusiasm for their own learning. Even though I was only with Travel Teacher for 2 weeks, the impact myself and the rest of the group made was fascinating. This was clearly shown on our last day at the school when it was time for us to say our goodbyes. I was fortunate to have received many gifts from the students and teachers – I was overwhelmed, reducing me to tears.

I feel so proud, yet humble that I could have such a positive impact, and the experience will stick with me for the rest of my life and I will cherish every single memory. I learnt so many valuable lessons which will help me in my own development. I feel that my confidence has certainly improved and this will certainly assist me in my future career pathway.

Overall it was an Incredible program, I felt continuously supported from the outset and throughout. We got to take part in a variety of activities which were incredible and immersive. My favourites being island hopping and snorkelling. Not forgetting of course, the people I travelled with. I was fortunate to be accompanied by an amazing group of people who were like a small family.

Thank you so much to Travel Teacher for this life changing journey.

Andy Tye