Booking your flight

Flights and Insurance

We are focused on ensuring that our volunteers have access to a high quality support network leading up to and throughout your experience with us. One of the major expenses of any trip abroad is usually the airfare, both in terms of money and energy in order to find the best deal!

Travel Teacher has partnered with StudentUniverse to provide travel arrangements for volunteers heading to projects around the world. StudentUniverse are experts in travel and know the best options for getting you to and from your projects and any travel in between. They can help get amazing rates for anyone but also have a special focus on student and youth discounted fares too. Want to find your flights or need some extra advice on things like insurance or putting the whole trip together? Give a specialist consultant a call on 0330 053 8817.

Travel Teacher | Book Flights with our partners Student Universe

So why book with StudentUniverse? 

  • We are real travellers with real experience - Our travel experts are passionate about experiencing travel; they love travel just as much as you do
  • We are practically family - We work closely with Travel Teacher ;so we know where you need to be and when you need to be there
  • We have your back and are your single point of contact - From your very first call, to when you get home, you can speak to your personal travel expert about every aspect of your trip. We offer you in-country support with free help and advice on ticket changes via our Flight Support service. And as we know sometimes it can go wrong (flight delays, ash clouds or camels on the runway!) and you need to speak to someone, so with our 24 hour emergency assistance, help is never far away.