Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad | Gap Year

Planning on taking a gap year? Excellent! Travel Teachers runs a number of outstanding programs that can be embedded in your year abroad, or make up part of a wider world-discovery experience!

Not Just a holiday

Gap years are not just year long holidays. This is an ideal time to develop an new skill, learn something new and even inspire international communities. Don’t regret a missed opportunity. Travel Teachers discovery work placement experiences can compliment your year abroad. Our projects provide a unique blend of cultural immersion and exploration.

 Travel Teachers projects can compliment your gap year abroad

Work placements

Volunteering abroad. Our forte. Don’t spend your year abroad jumping between backpacker hostels, bars and full moon parties, there can be more to it than that. Give a little back along the way, through one of our meaningful work placement projects.

Develop your CV

Your gap year can also be an ideal opportunity to develop your experience and future employment credentials.  Travel Teachers discovery work placements carry accredited qualifications which will enhance your professional development.