Getting to know our partners from Hekima Place in Kenya

Getting to know our partners from Hekima Place in Kenya

My name is Jenny Mushiringani Monjero and I am the Executive Director of Hekima Place, a children’s home for orphaned and vulnerable girls in Kenya. My journey to Hekima started in 2014 when I undertook my very first trip to Kenya. As the plane touched down at Jomo Kenyetta International Airport, a mixture of emotions flooded my body: panic and an
overwhelming sense that I was home. Five months later I flew back to the UK, but my heart remained in the country I had fallen so wonderfully in love with. Nowadays I get to call this country home, making the permanent move to Kenya in May 2017, to take up my new position with Hekima Place.

Whilst its not always easy being Mama wa wengi (a mother of many), looking after my 92 daughters is the greatest honour I’ve ever had. So yes, I am a mum of 92 incredible girls who range in age from birth to 25 years as they journey with us through all of their educational milestones to the end of university. In addition, I am the leader of 26 incredible staff members
who sacrifice each and everyday so that we can fulfil our mission to provide a safe, loving, faith-based home for these precious girls and empower them through educational opportunities so that one day they may create positive social impact in their communities, across Kenya and
the rest of the world.

To me Kenya is one of the most beautiful places on this planet. Everything I thought Kenya would be was completely undone by the rich beauty, huge smiles, and sense of community I have found as I travelled between cities and villages, from the lucioust beaches of the coastal area to the wonders of the rainforest, Kenya has so much to offer. It is true that all of the extreme poverty portrayed by various international aid charities exists, but what isn’t shown through the media is the incredible resilience and passion of each and every single person and community found in Kenya. No matter what they have, or don’t have, they make the most of each and every situation as they embrace life to the fullest.

We are so excited to be partnering with Travel Teacher in 2019, providing a two way stream of life enriching opportunities for both our girls and the volunteers that will come to work on-site with us through the Travel Teacher planned trips. As with any family of our size there is always
plenty of work to be done, and it is such an honour for us that Travel Teacher have chosen to help us, especially in the areas of educational program creation and fun, interactive teaching. In return we are excited to be able to show off the wonders of Kenya to those visiting us and hope
to give them opportunities to see things from a different perspective, putting their innovation and problem solving skills to the test, as together, we master how to provide high quality education with limited resources.

I look forward to welcoming volunteers to what is my home from home in Kenya.