Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji & The Cook Islands.

See through the eyes of local people, live in a remote village, volunteer in a community school and make lifelong memories as you embark on a life changing volunteer expedition in The South Pacific.

Travel Teacher offers volunteer expeditions from as short as 1 week all the way up to an 8 week period, you are able to travel to single or multiple destinations as you contribute in making a sustainable difference to our educational projects in Fiji and The Cook Islands. Volunteer as a family or join a group of like minded travellers and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

Volunteers that take part in a project make a invaluable contribution to a global community whilst developing as individuals, both personally and professionally.  Why Travel Teacher?


Travel and Teach in The South Pacific

While embarking on a volunteer expedition in the South Pacific, you can play a crucial role in our education and community development projects in Fiji and The Cook Islands

The process is simple, you select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Opportunities for exploration will compliment your volunteer work and will assist in broadening horizons, gaining transferable skills and will also provide an unforgettable experience and lifelong memories.  Download our global opportunities prospectus.

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Travel Teacher | About us

Find out about our organisation, mission, our methods, and the impact of our global engagement projects.

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Volunteer in the south pacific

Ready to take the next step? You can help by contributing towards the sustainability of our projects.

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My experience was amazing, I have stepped out of my comfort zone. Before the trip I would never of found myself standing up in front of people to teach.
— Ellen Smith - Travel Teacher Alumni

Volunteer In Fiji

Volunteer abroad and make an impact in the village of Namatakula whilst fully immersing yourself in the lives and colorful culture of Fiji's friendly, welcoming people.

volunteer in the cook islands

Volunteer abroad and teach in a local school in one of the most extraordinary destinations on earth.  Provide basic education and get involved with a variety of activities.

 Multi-Country Volunteering

Impact South Pacific provides volunteers with the option of working on similar projects in both Fiji and The Cook Islands back to back.

Travel Teacher | Travel Expedition in Fiji and The Cook Islands

Travel Fiji and the cook islands

Our travel expedition will compliment your project work and will provide the opportunity for you as a volunteer to immerse yourself deep within the rich culture and tradition of your selected project destination and experience all the country has to offer.  Step off the beaten track, engage with local people, learn new skills and broaden your own horizons.

The Travel Teacher Foundation

The Travel Teacher Foundation is a non profit charity.  Our charity has been developed to give you, as a volunteer, an opportunity to contribute to and support your chosen project.  Fundraising is a great way of not only raising the money for your project but also raising awareness of the issues that you will devote your time to during your project.


Project Induction

As part of our pre departure curriculum, Travel Teacher volunteers will be invited to attend a welcome meeting to enhance their own knowledge on our principles, practices and operational ethos, as well as finding out more about their own time abroad. Participants will get the opportunity to meet other members of their traveling group and begin to feel a part of our community.

Teacher Training

All participants will have the opportunity to work towards an accredited qualification.  This introduction to teaching certificate, delivered in partnership with YMCA Awards will provide volunteers with the skills and competence enabling them to feel confident during their experience. With support from your tutor, you will have the flexibility to study independently and work at your own pace throughout this technical certificate.