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Our reason for asking you to complete our application process is because Travel Teacher is not for everyone. Our expeditions require individuals to immerse themselves deep within culture in remote surroundings. Our programs are authentic, ethical and meaningful and provide individuals with valuable opportunities for personal growth and development as well as unique life changing experiences.

This is why we ask you to complete our short online application so we can really get to know you before we confirm your place.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad | How to Apply

Step 1 - select your preferred destination

Select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Choose from our projects in Fiji and Aitutaki

Step 2 - Tell us about yourself

If you wish to apply to a Travel Teacher volunteer project abroad please complete and submit our online Application Form.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad
The process is simple, you select your program destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey
— Travel Teacher

Step 3 - Submit deposit payment

After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation message in which you will be prompted to click and access the Payment Page to complete your registration. Please note that applications will not be processed before your registration payment of £50 has been made as per our Terms and Conditions.

Step 4 - Chat to a member of the Travel Teacher Team

After your application has been reviewed by our administration department you will be contacted by a member of staff who will conduct an informal interview, using your application to generate avenues of enquiry.  Please don't worry about this phase - we are just interested in finding out more about your personality and character.

Step 5 - Get excited and start packing

Upon successful completion of our application process you will receive a letter of acceptance, confirming your place on a journey of a lifetime.

Application Process

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad Program in Aitutaki

Step 1

Once we have received your application along with the full deposit payment, your form will be processed by our administration team, this process will take no longer than 24 hours.

Step 2

After initial screening, your application will be forwarded to a member of our project team who will make contact with you via email to organise a suitable time to speak with you over the phone, we aim to speak with you within 48 hours of your application.

Step 3

During a brief informal telephone conversation, aimed to find out more about your character and personality we will generate lines of enquiry from your application form with the aim of finding out your reasons for wanting to volunteer with us.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad

step 4

Based on the information that you provide us with on your application, there maybe further checks that we carry out depending on your medical and criminal background history.


Step 5

Welcome to our community! Following our robust and informal application process we will take the time to welcome you to our impact community.  You will be sent a welcoming letter via email along with the relevant documentation for your project.

We will maintain communication with you up to and throughout your project to keep you engaged and motivated ahead of your journey with us.

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