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Children and young people in the village of Namatakula face many challenges, most of which hail from underprivileged communities and lower class backgrounds. Parents rely heavily on subsistence farming and fishing and have few other sources of income. High quality education is an essential tool for empowering these young people in order for them to be effective contributors to their own and wider communities in the future.  It is crucial that these young people have access to the skills and resources which will allow them to make informed choices which benefit themselves, their communities and their cultural heritage.

The impact that the volunteers from Travel Teacher have made during a short space of time has been exceptional. These are resourceful individuals who are helping the children with their education”
— Etika Tovilevu - Principal, Ratu Filise Memorial School
 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Ratu Filise Memorial School


Our project in Fiji supports Ratu Filise Memorial School students to improve literacy, social and intercultural skills and awareness of well being. Our volunteers provide support in lessons which enhance the creative and physical development of the young people, whilst exposing them to English language. Travel Teacher volunteers deliver a range of sessions which include one-on-one and group support for children and young people with additional learning needs, reading and comprehension work, and physical literacy . Travel Teacher works in partnership with Ratu Filise to provide skilled human resource and professional development for teaching staff.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji
Travel Teacher has been blessing for staff and students of Filise, we cannot thank them enough. The volunteers have been trained to a high standard, allowing them to really help our children in school
— Vani Navugona - Assistant Principal - Ratu Filise Memorial School


Travel Teachers volunteer projects in Fiji increases the capacity of Ratu Filise staffing resources on the ground.  Participants who travel and teach with us are able to assist teachers in the classroom, provide one-to-one and group support to students, contribute to the development of learning resources and offer a range of student focused learning activities. Travel Teacher volunteers are able to address some of these difficulties with differentiated activities for individual students or small groups.

Travel Teachers expert team of experienced teachers also provide professional development workshops for the teachers in response to any learning needs or skills gaps identified by staff or the principal of the school.  Find out more about The role of a volunteer.


Ratu Filise Memorial School has a large student to teacher ratio in all classrooms, the huge range of abilities within the classes mean that some students are not able to access the in class support and differentiation in teaching and learning that they require, this can result in lack of knowledge attainment, frustration and disengagement. Teachers also lack the capacity in time, resources and expertise to ensure that the teaching and learning meets the needs of the individuals in the classroom, leaving a large number of students falling well below required levels.

English is the second language within Fiji's education system, this is an additional challenge to both students and teachers, often children in Fiji become good mechanical readers through learning by rote (memorization technique based on repetition), but lack the comprehension skills to use their reading to actually learn.

Education in Fiji is subject largely to a blanket one-size-fits-all approach which is not suited for the various abilities and learning styles, education is seen by many as irrelevant for daily life. This result in low expectations and significant challenges to staff in terms of behaviour management and classroom engagement.

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