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The world is your classroom

Travel Teachers International Service Learning program (ISL) offers experiential, humanitarian programs in The South Pacific Islands.  Our programs allow students to grow their intercultural understanding through both personal and professional development.  Stepping off the beaten track, immersing yourself deep with authentic culture, finding yourself as you serve others - this is all part international service learning journey.  Travel Teacher is a community of driven, empathetic, and ambitious individuals that seek to make volunteering abroad ethical, meaningful and educational, we want travel to change you in ways that you have never imagined.


International service-learning is a blend between international education and international volunteering. It combines three main fields: community development, study abroad, and experiential education and is defined as a “structured academic experience”.

 Travel Teacher | International Service Learning

Community Contribution

 Travel Teacher | International Service Learning

An International Service Learning program with Travel Teacher provides students with the ability to engage with an organized service activity that addresses community needs, Our programs are not artificial or “practice” programs – they are the real thing. During the service portion of your program, volunteers will get the opportunity to teach children fundamental academic and life skills, making a heart connection with the needs of others and being able to fill those needs is both gratifying and exhilarating, you will certainly be self fulfilled and proud of your achievements.  You will enter new communities and engage with them on a shared project, while learning about important global issues of social, environmental, political, and power structures.

Skill Acquisition

 Travel Teacher | Service Learning

International Service learning will also help you to develop key critical skills associated with leadership, teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills. These transferable skills will contribute to your personal and professional development. You will undertake critical thinking in order to gain insights into your own thought processes, and become more self-aware. The experience will mould you into a rounded global citizen who is able to contribute effectively to society and the wider community.

International Service Learning versus Volunteering Abroad

Think of International service-learning as international volunteering, internships and gap years combined into one and add an element of travel and adventure.  International service-learning adds a component of experiential education to it that is specifically related to a certain academic endeavour, meaning that it is tied in to some kind of study.  Both the volunteering and the studying part focus on the same field, so each experience reinforces the other. This makes both more compelling and valuable to both the volunteer and those they serve.  In addition to classroom learning, reflection is an important component of any service learning experience. Participants share what they learn, troubleshoot difficulties, and bring their service experience into meaningful classroom discussions to better apply their education to the real world, this forms part of the key reflective practice which you will undertake as part of the program.

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A Valuable Experience

Whether you participate in volunteering or service learning, giving your time is an incredibly valuable experience. Your decision will likely come down to a time commitment and the availability of a program that suits your needs. Now, you can make an informed choice about the best way for you to serve your community!

 Travel Teacher | International Service Learning

The Most Rewarding Journey of Your Life

International Service Learning is a great way for you to learn more about yourself! By discovering where your individual passions lie, you will become more inspired to learn, and to create for yourself a happy, healthy future.