Local Life

Kia Orana, Welcome to Aitutaki!

Following your short but enthralling flight from the countries capital Rarotonga, you will be welcomed at the airport by our field team as you step foot in paradise.  You will of had your first glimpse of the turquoise lagoon that surrounds the island from the vantage point of your small passenger plane. Immediately after you touch down you will begin to separated from the fast paced way of life which you are used to in the western world. Welcome to island time!

Whilst staying on the magnificent island of Aitutaki you will be accommodated at a local community facility with your fellow volunteers. You will share the accommodation with your peers as well as our expert field team who will provide you with 24/7 support.  The facility and full washing and cooking facilities and sits in the heart of the community in the village centre. You will spend your mornings from Mon - Fri in school, whilst in the afternoons you will get the opportunity to engage in our in-country itinerary.  During your downtime you will get to explore your local surroundings. 


 Travel Teacher | Local life in Aitutaki
 Volunteer in Aitutaki | Travel Teacher

Island life

Leave the hustle and bustle behind when you travel to the Cook Islands. Aitutaki will bring you closer to nature and provide a safe and tranquil environment for you to enjoy and thrive whilst on your expedition with Travel Teacher.  We encourage you to come with an open mind as there are certain practices which you will be required to become accustomed to during your expedition, but do not be alarmed, we will ensure that you are fully prepared allowing you to blend in with the local community and make the most of your experience.