12 Ways to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Volunteer Abroad

Volunteer Abroad in 2017

Is 2017 the year that you will take that trip that you've always dreamed about? 

Have you made your new years resolution to travel more or maybe even embark on a more meaningful overseas experience and volunteer?  We have compiled a short guide to help you stay on track, with clear actionable steps to ensure that you are able to fulfil your ambitions to volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher in 2017  

Please note, Not all steps are easy and some will require sacrifices.  Are you ready?

Progress is key, make sure your develop your own to do list which will help you build momentum until, before you know it, you’re boarding your flight.  Don't forget to tick items off your list as you go!

Are you committed? If so, read on to find out how to keep your own travel resolution in 2017.

Planning Your Volunteering Abroad

1. Pick a destination: Do you have a destination in mind?  Let us inspire you. 

Can't choose? Why not check out our multi-country volunteering and do both! or contact us for more options.

2. Pick a date:  Choose from our section of departure dates and durations on our website.

3. Request Holiday (If in employment): Now that you’ve picked a date and duration, let your line manager know. By putting in early for time off, you’ll be able to make sure your work is covered while you’re gone.

4. Tell your friends: Now the you’ve chosen a destination and date to volunteer abroad with us, immediately post it to your Facebook, twitter and Instagram and tell your friends! Making your travels public leads to better accountability. As a bonus, you might find some travel companion amongst your friends!

 Travel Teacher Beachcomber Island Fiji

Paying For Your Volunteering Experience

6. Price the trip: Seek advice for the price of airfares by contacting our dedicated travel team at STA Travel on travelteacher@statravel.com

7. Start a travel fund: Open a separate bank account and dedicate funds solely to your travels.

8. Explore Fundraising Ideas: Fundraising is a great way to raise funds for your travels.  As part of your registration we ask that all volunteers donate a minimum of £50 to the Travel Teacher Foundation.  Download our fundraising guide for more support and information.

9. Track your goals: Monitoring your progress of funding your trip will keep you motivated and on target.

Prepare for Your Trip

10. Check your passport: If you don’t have a passport, apply for one now. If you already have one, make sure it’s valid. If it’s not, renew it.

11. See your doctor: Complete an immunization form to identify if you require any jabs before you leave. If so, make an appointment with your doctor for a few weeks before you leave to get the necessary shots.

12. Attend Travel Teachers Pre Departure Workshop: Attending our pre departure training workshop will enable you to feel confident and competent ahead of your experience.  You will have an opportunity to meet like minded travellers who will be joining you on this journey and also meet the Travel Teacher Team

 Travel Teacher Training Workshop

In Conclusion…

Remember that life is too short to not do what you want. Get out. See the world.

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create meaningful global impact through engagement.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad and overseas internship programs and School trips. Our provision combines education and opportunity for exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons.