Sherrin Mathew, Principal of 'My School' Talks about partnership with Travel Teacher

Read our transcript with Sherrin Mathew, Principal of My School.

Tell us more about My School

MY School is a very special school where our children are at the heart of all we do. We aim to instil a love of learning in all our children and, with it, the confidence to take risks and develop ownership of their learning. We celebrate individuality and diversity in school, and deliver a curriculum which promotes in the children empathy, tolerance and an understanding of each other.

 The school’s ethos supports parents and families in raising children who will grow to become responsible adults, ready to meet the demands of a fast-moving world, whilst treasuring the wonder and magic of childhood, helping them to grow – but not too fast. To this end, we have a number of practices in place, we follow an inquiry based teaching with real world connections, circle time with wake shake to light up the mornings, My Time – a dedicated 1 hour a week programme where children can choose the activity of their choice, Learning Conferences- a one on one with children to understand each child, Graded Reading programme – ORT series, Soon we will also be introducing Project Based Learning – to take learning beyond the classroom.

Where is the school located?

MY SCHOOL is located in TIRUR, Malappuram district, North of Kerala. The School is the educational venture of one of the biggest business houses in North Kerala (Dr Kuttys Group). A very young school, we started operations in June 2016 and now have a student strength of 70 with 17 teaching staff and 12 supporting staff. The school has ambitious expansion plans in the next five years.

Tirur is a small town in Kerala, 40kms from the city of Calicut. The town is known for its rich and interesting heritage, excellent Malabar Cusine and extremely hospitably and warm people. The native language spoken is Malayalam and official language is English.

Our school benefits from so many advantages, none more so than its own unique young management team, who are eager to improving the quality of education in the Malappuram district with incorporating global practices and global exposure to both students and staff .It was part of this vision that our school was a part of the Green Educators Course at Bali, Indonesia. The Green Educators Course had participants from 20 countries and was a great learning experience!

How did you find out about Travel Teacher?

Incidentally, it’s at the Green Educators Course that I heard of Travel Teacher and it was highly recommended by some of the participants who had done stints with TT and also our Programme Coordinator at GS – Ms Sanne Van Orrt with whom Matt Ray had associated at some time!  

 Tirur, India

Tirur, India

Thus began our association with Travel Teacher and Matt Ray, over a number of Skype discussions and telephonic conversations. And now we are delighted to be partnering with Travel Teacher in developing the formative phase of the school to further heights over the next few years. I am confident the global partnership will highly benefit the students and staff .We hope to chart a comprehensive plan on the road ahead, while Matt visits us in February.

Tell us more about your background?

Finally a few words about myself, I have been in the field of Education for the past 23 years with varied experience working with Indian (CBSE & ICSE) as well as International Curriculum (IGCSE & IB). Besides having trained in UK a couple of years back I have had the opportunity to be part of Educational Conferences in different parts of South East Asia, having had the chance to be part of EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Schools) & Round Square (World Network of Innovative Schools  in 40 countries across 5 continents ).

My personal philosophy on teaching and learning is – Early childhood experience last a lifetime, I believe that every single experience a child has in his school years goes into moulding the adult of the future. Besides I also believe that learning is not from the pages of text book but from varied real time experiences. And finally every domain of a child’s growth (Physical, Emotional, Social etc.) is equally important.

Hope this gives you a picture of MY SCHOOL and what we are all about !

Sherrin Matthew