Why do students volunteer with us?

Volunteer Abroad

Students join our programs for a multitude of reasons; for education, fun, to see the world, to make an impact. Whatever the reason students find that Travel Teachers discovery work placements not only allows them to see the world but also provides invaluable career development opportunities at the same time.


Volunteering is a wonderful and proven way to boost your own transferable skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication. It also provides substance for a high quality CV. With competition for jobs becoming fiercer and fiercer, employers are looking for someone who stands out form the crowd. International travel, cultural exchange, self-confidence and practical professional experience certainly combine to offer this.

Travel and Cultural Immersion

Travel Teachers discovery itinerary allows you to experience the world unavailable to normal tourists. You will become truly immersed in different local cultures whilst also working with international schools. Embarking on a work placement with Travel Teacher means you get to do and see things that are truly unique. You will be living with sensitive communities and will have many life changing moments that will provide a lifetime of memories.

Academic credit

Our professional work placement experiences provide opportunities for both undergraduates and post graduates to apply themselves in a diverse range of fields, including education and teaching, sports and well being. Our programs allow students the opportunity to live and work within the “classroom” of their chosen field of study.

Are you ready to make an impact?

How to apply?

Step 1 - select your preferred destination

Select your preferred destination and we will take you on an unforgettable journey. Choose from our projects in Fiji or Aitutaki

Step 2 - Tell us about yourself

If you wish to book a travel Teacher discovery work placement experience please complete and submit our online Application Form.

Step 3 - Submit deposit payment

After you have submitted your application you will receive a confirmation message in which you will be prompted to click and access the Payment Page to complete your registration. Please note that applications will not be processed before your registration payment of £50 has been made as per our Terms and Conditions.

Step 4 - Chat to a member of the Travel Teacher Team

After your application has been reviewed by our administration department you will be contacted by a member of staff who will conduct an informal interview, using your application to generate avenues of enquiry.  Please don't worry about this phase - we are just interested in finding out more about your personality and character.

Step 5 - Get excited and start packing

Upon successful completion of our application process you will receive a letter of acceptance, confirming your place on a journey of a lifetime.