5 key traits of a Travel Teacher volunteer

We have complied a short list of the key traits that are essential amongst the Travel Teacher community. We require all participants to demonstrate these qualities whilst volunteering abroad with us.


The most import thing that you can bring to the table during your journey with us is energy.  Your role as a volunteer will be to engage, motivate and educate students and we believe that an energetic approach is contagious.  Not only will you feel fantastic, your positive spirit will be felt by those around you.

Team Player

We believe that the collective efforts of a group of individuals working together that makes the difference.  Stay friendly, respect all opinions, and be compassionate and you can achieve something wonderful with your us!

Open Minded

Being open minded is a key part of cultural immersion. During your journey with us we will expose you to local village communities where you will get the opportunity to sample local life and mix with local people. Having an open mind will allow you to adapt to your surroundings and provide you a strong basis for your experience.


Being positive will allow you to thrive in your role as a volunteer Approaching each day with a 'can do' attitude is what we ask of our volunteers whilst on project.  Your willingness to jump in and help with any tasks that may arise will open doors to new experiences and allow you to make a difference in a variety of ways!


Respect is important for so many reasons, we value this as a highly important trait and believe that this forms the scaffold to a successful journey with us.  We ask you to respect individuals, cultures, beliefs and traditions and also to value the diversity of the environment that you are in.

There you have it! Find ways to stay passionate, be a team player, stay positive, open minded and offer your skills to a great cause and you will be on your way to achieving greatness with us!

Feel like you’ve got what it takes to be a great volunteer? Not sure where to start?

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