Volunteer abroad - what they said! Alumni Feedback.

Volunteering Abroad - Read our participant reviews

We have compiled a selection of alumni feedback from our summer project in Fiji.  We want to share the stories of our volunteers with you.  Volunteering abroad is a step outside of your comfort zone, you will be exposed to new cultures, communities and traditions.  Travel Teachers global engagement programmes have been developed to enable participants to broaden their own horizons and reap the many benefits of global travel. 

 Aaron engaging children at Ratu Filse Memorial School, Fiji

Aaron engaging children at Ratu Filse Memorial School, Fiji

Aaron Daas, 21 Southampton

Well for me this experience has been a trip I'll never forget. Namatakula (the village where we stayed) everyone was so nice and the kids we're really sweet, they always had a smile on there face. One of my favourite moments was when we went to beachcomber island, clear water, beautiful beautiful sunshine great activities to do such as snorkelling, paddle boarding and jet ski and don't worry there is a bar ;) but my favourite experience well I like to say all of it, the teaching environment and just supporting lessons was so wow, also going on a jungle trek and visiting a wild life park with some amazing birds. This experience has really impacted me and how other people live, I have been to India but this was still different the area, the people everything it was all unique and such a fantastic opportunity. With Travel Teacher it doesn't just help you it helps the community as well as teachers there as we aid in there lesson. We are now achieving a level 3 in Education and Training(this is just a stepping stone but hey Rome wasn't built in a day) Even your not going in to teaching you get so much more, such as confidence, adapting, getting out of your comfort zone, creating links maybe opportunity the list is endless. 10/10 Vinaka

Chanice Askham, 18 Southampton

Honestly can't explain my time doing Travel Teacher! It was everything I expected and more, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I got so much support from the Travel Teacher team and the other participant, everyone just feels like a big family. As cheesy as it sounds Fiji is a home away from home and it wouldn't of been without the people.
Teaching at the school was an overwhelming experience, little things we take for granted these children would love to have. They were constantly excited and raring to learn, it was an amazing learning environment to be around. This experience changed my life and I couldn't be happier that I took part in it.