How to fundraise your meaningful travel experience

This blog will give you ideas and tips about how to fundraise for your project and to spread the word about the great work that you’ll be doing during your journey with Travel Teacher. #mytravelteacher

The Travel Teacher foundation has been developed to give you, as a volunteer, an opportunity to support your chosen project. 100% of the money you have raised goes directly towards our global educational projects.

Our mission is to create global impact through engagement which empowers children and encourages brighter futures, using education as a tool to unlock potential.


Now that you have decided to embark on a project with us its time to raise your fundraising contribution. Raising the money may be as much of a challenge as the project itself (in a good way) - remember our team are here to help! Fundraising is a great way of not only raising the money for your project, but also raising awareness amongst your community of the important educational / humanitarian issues you are devoting your time to during your project. If you approach it with the same excitement as you will your project you can have a great time whilst raising the money for your trip.

Make it clear to people that their donation is helping send out human resource to projects where it is needed most - in our partnered schools.
If they can see the results of where their money is going, that is what could convince them in donating to your project.

If you’re embarking on a Travel Teacher project you can use the /my-travel-teacher-blog/ for live project updates and to give people the chance to see what their donation will be used for.

Please be sure to use the #mytravelteacher hashtag when uploading coverage of any fundraising events that you are carrying out.


The key to any successful fundraising campaign
is planning. Know how much you have to raise before you set out, this will help you set fund-raising goals. Start by creating a list of what expenses your project will incur and when they need to be paid. Your project fee will need to be paid 60 days before your departure date, for example, where as you won’t need your spending money until you head off It’s probably best to open a savings account to keep all the funds for your project in one safe place separate from your day to day living funds.


Travel Teacher Project Fee

Return Flights

Visa Costs (if applicable) - Spending Money


There are now many online sites that aim to help people raise money for various causes or projects. These sites can help volunteers expand their audience of who sees and hears about their campaign. Social media is also a great way to really push your campaign so get a post up on Facebook, tweet about it, Instagram it and get friends and family to share your fundraising journey. Use #mytravelteacher and we will help promote your efforts on our social media too!



There are many traditional forms of fundraising that you can use to kick start your campaign. We are able to provide a letter of fundraising support as proof that you’ll be taking part in a project, just ask! Its great to use your imagination and think outside the box but mindful of the costs you’ll incur by hosting an event to ensure you don’t lose out.

Sponsored activities are also a good way of fundraising and lots of fun too. A sponsored activity that relates to your project is a good way of relating your fundraising campaign to the work you’ll be doing. Visit our website for a whole range of ideas. for-fundraising

Case Studies

Travel Teacher applicant and university student Lucy Bygrave brought her local community together for a competitive evening of fun, camaraderie and social engagement as she hosted a quiz, auction and raffle night with friends and family.

Lucy - "I went to many local businesses and told them what I was raising money for and what I was hoping to do next year. And they donated raffle prizes to me, and other friends and family gave raffle prizes. " Lucy's event was a huge hit within her local community and she managed to raise just over £600.

Chanice Askham, who joined our project in Fiji during the summer of 2016 took a huge step outside of her comfort zone (literally). Chanice decided to participate in a sponsored skydive and raise funds by conquering one of her fears, she raised over £500 and had a great time in the process, fuelled by adrenaline.

Sisters Natasha and Ellen Smith created a crowdfunding profile and shared this via social media, offering rewards in exchange for donations. Some of the rewards included a 3 course meal, nail treatments and sending thank you cards to backers. The girls raised just short of £1000.

Are you read to step outside of your comfort zone and set yourself a fundraising goal in order to embark on a journey of a lifetime? We'd love to hear from you! Visit our website for more information, alternatively please get in touch via the contact form below.

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