Why should I pay to volunteer?

The number one question we come across on our social media platforms is “Why do I need to pay to volunteer?”

The question poses a valid point – shouldn’t your contribution towards project be enough? Doesn’t your good will, coupled with your desire and effort to travel halfway across the world and make a difference count for something?

It does certainly. It takes a unique personality to take the decision to volunteer abroad in the first place.  However paying to volunteer is a great way to reduce the stress that comes with the administration involved in getting you to the country and on the ground making a meaningful impact.

Why is there a registration fee?

Our registration fee helps to keep our projects sustainable in the long-term. It takes care of the administration, training and in-country support and operational costs to make sure our volunteers get the most out of their time volunteering abroad.

Where your money goes.

Your project fees with Travel Teacher covers all angles in making sure you are able to make a meaningful impact during your time abroad.  We do the work for you to ensure that you have an experience of a lifetime.  

Pre departure training and resources

Your fee goes towards ensuring that you have had access to the best possible preparation for your global experience.  You are investing in a comprehensive pre departure curriculum which will equip you with confidence and competence ahead of your experience. In addition to this the training that we deliver is recognised by a national awarding body - we have to cover the cost of your course registration, resources and administration fee.

In country support

Having trained staff with you for the duration of your experience provides an immediate hub of support for you should it be required.  You registration fee helps us employ local and international staff to run everything smoothly in the background.  If anything our in country field team provide you with that piece of mind that we all look out for when stepping out of our comfort zone.

Food and Accommodation

You could opt to go it alone and find your own accommodation and food sources, however it works out considerably cheaper for you to have this included in your program fee.  We are able to introduce you to local life, providing an experience unavailable to normal tourists.  He you can immerse yourself deep with the culture of your surroundings and really live life like a local.  Lets give food for example - we are able to purchase food and prepare it in bulk which reduces your cost considerably per meal.  Your meals will be prepared by our local team unless stated in your project inclusion list.

Trips and Itinerary

If you opt in to our discovery experiences we can introduce you to localised, country specific activities which will enable to see the country that you are in without being responsible for all of the logistics.  From island hopping to treks through the jungle to visiting local towns and villages our visits will facilitate a meaningful introduction to culture, heritage and tradition and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Fundraising amount

We ask all volunteers to contribute a small amount to support the infrastructure of our partnered schools. 100% of your contribution will be recycled back into our schools to help our charitable trusts mission of unlocking the potential of young people in under privileged communities

In summary it all comes down to the degree of support that you are looking for when engaging in an international experience.  If you have set your heart one of our projects but are unable to afford it, why not consider fundraising your journey with us?

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Matt Ray