20 Truths about volunteering with Travel Teacher

Here are some home truths about our provision that will make you want to pitch in and support our efforts in creating global impact through engagement.  Our unique global pathways provide a platform for both personal and professional development. 

1 Travel Teacher WILL change your life

2 You will have the opportunity to meet like minded people and develop lifelong friendships

3 You will be exposed to some unique cultures

4 You will feel supported during every step of your journey with us

5 You will be stretch beyond your comfort zone (in a good way)

6 Volunteers will develop key transferable skills such as confidence, resilience, leadership skills and teamwork.

7 You will be welcomed into our unique community drive by impact

8 You will have the opportunity to explore some of the most beautiful destinations on earth

9 Learning new ways of life will be a thing of the norm

10 Our volunteers will pass on valuable knowledge and life experience to not only the students in our schools but also the staff and members of the community

11 You will develop international contacts, expanding your global network

12 You will be introduced to local cuisine and dishes to die for!


13 Opportunities to new languages will diversify your experience

14 Your contribution will support the sustainability of our projects and help build a legacy

15 Your preparation will be meticulous, you will feel confident and competent when engaging with the students

16 We are passionate about changing lives

17 Your participation matters!

18 You will experience opportunities unavailable to normal tourists

19 You will be emotional on your last day on project (We guarantee)

20 You WILL want to come back after returning home


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