Lucy's Travel Teacher fundraiser a hit with local community

Travel Teacher applicant and university student Lucy Bygrave brought her local community together at the weekend for a competitive evening of fun, camaraderie and social engagement as she hosted a quiz, auction and raffle night with friends and family.

Lucy has applied to embark on a life changing experience with Travel Teacher and will be joining our maiden project in Aitutaki, Cook Islands in July 2017.  Lucy has an ambition to become a PE teacher and has previous experiences of volunteering and contributing to outstanding causes.

We caught up with Lucy after the event to ask a few questions, see the following transcript below.

How did you go about organising such a great event?

Lucy - "I went to many local businesses and told them what I was raising money for and what I was hoping to do next year. And they donated raffle prizes to me, and other friends and family gave raffle prizes. "

Did you have any help?

Lucy - "The quiz was put together by my Uncle who does quizzes on a regular basis for a local pub where we live. There was 5 different rounds....general knowledge, magic, captains round, sport and the last round was all about me. Where we put a twist in and teams had to bid to get me on there team, in order to get all the right answers!"

Tell us more about the auction?

Lucy "For the auction I auctioned off people's skills, such as a weeks ironing, a garden tidy, come dine with me night, spray tans for a group of 4, etc.
I thought of this idea just through previous quiz nights I've been too and thought it had to go well considering that's the sort of thing my friends and family would enjoy."

What was your biggest challenge in organising this event?

Lucy "It took a lot of advertising and constantly talking to people about it to make sure I had a fair amount of people coming."

Was the event a success?

Lucy "The night itself was such a success that I raised just over £500! "

The Travel Teacher foundation has been developed to give you, as a volunteer, an opportunity to support your chosen project.  100% of the money you have raised goes directly towards our global educational projects.

Our selected beneficiaries are The Ratu Filise Primary School in Fiji & Araura College located in Aitutaki (Cook Islands). 

Travel Teacher provides the opportunity for the volunteers to help us decide how the fundraising money is used by giving direct input to identify what is needed to develop the project for the future and to support the improvement and infrastructure of the young people's education.

On behalf of our organisation we would like to congratulate Lucy on achieving such a feat and contributing towards our charitable causes and supporting the development of education in global communities.  We look forward to welcoming Lucy in Aituaki in July 2017.