5 Great Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

Are your feet itching with insufferable wanderlust? Is your heart longing to do something outside of the norm?  Do you want your next experience abroad to be a step outside of your comfort zone?

Volunteering abroad can become a powerful platform to do all of the above more. It facilitates meaningful cultural exchange between the local community and the volunteer, turning what would have been a normal holiday overseas, into something extraordinary.

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should ready yourself to make an impact and get out into the world to volunteer!

Travel and Cultural Immersion

The most apparent reason. Volunteering abroad gives you a great opportunity to explore global environments in a truly unique way. As a volunteer, you will be able to see a side of that country that typical tourists almost always miss.  You will become truly immersed in different local cultures whilst also making an impact.

Volunteering with Travel Teacher means you get to do and see things that are truly unique. You will be living with sensitive communities and will have many life changing moments that will provide a lifetime of memories.  Picture yourself living inside a local village on the Coral Coast of Fiji, contributing towards the education of young people in The Cook Islands or helping with the growth and development of a new school in India.  These unique experiences will change the way you see and travel the world!

Develop vital transferable skills

Volunteering is a wonderful and proven way to boost your own transferable skills such as confidence, teamwork and communication. It also provides substance for a high quality CV. With competition for jobs becoming fiercer and fiercer, employers are looking for someone who stands out form the crowd. International travel, cultural exchange, self-confidence and practical professional experience certainly combine to offer this.  So at the end of the day, a beautiful synergy has taken place between you and the community. 

Some volunteering programs even go a step further than that. Travel Teacher offers participants the opportunity to gain an industry recognised teaching qualification. Our experiences will provide you with a foothold into your chosen career pathway.


Develop life long friendships

It is not uncommon for volunteers to meet their new travel buddy or best friend for life while on project. In fact, it is almost expected. Volunteers are all there for one reason – to do good and help change the world. This shared passion is only intensified as you bond over your experience on the project. Your fellow volunteers will be there for the highs, the lows, and everything in between. And by the time your stay is up, you will have a whole group of people from all corners of the earth to call friends.

Help others in need

Amidst the beauty of our partnered destinations, the spectacular beaches and coral reefs: a magnificent string of islands floating peacefully in the ocean, there are also impoverished rural populations who as yet have not been able to benefit from its strong tourist trade.  As a volunteer on work placement with Travel Teacher your contribution can assist in helping the young people have a brighter future.


Broaden your horizons

Volunteering helps you discover what you really need to be happy, and to appreciate what you took for granted back home. Volunteering gives you the chance to reflect on your role in the world and motivate you to continue being the difference.

Think of volunteering abroad like the cupboard to Narnia, a door to see a country through the eyes of the locals. It is a chance to experience what their lives are like on a day-to-day basis, get to grips with the problems they are facing and how you are a part of the solution. Experiencing this rich cultural immersion changes you as a person. As you become apart of this new community, you are slowly, but surely, transformed into a global citizen.

So what are you waiting for?! Book that plane ticket and start travelling responsibly!

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