Does your employer pay you to travel the world and make a difference, If not why? The benefits of corporate volunteering

As a volunteer abroad, you have the unique opportunity to get to know a country beyond visiting the top ten "must-see" tourist destinations -- you get to see a new place up-close, learning about social issues, culture and even language as you connect with locals at the ground level in a meaningful way.

And volunteering abroad isn't just for youth groups, students or recent graduates any more. That's right, more and more professional adults are getting in on the action by participating in corporate volunteering.

Corporate Volunteering: A Definition

First things first, what exactly is corporate volunteering? Corporate volunteering is when a business creates volunteer experiences for their staff to work outside the office and give back to communities.

An increasing number of top companies, including Microsoft, and Timberland offer corporate volunteer programs. Although most employees use this opportunity to volunteer at home, a daring few have looked overseas.

Some corporations will offer group corporate volunteering opportunities for their employees to work overseas with existing staff members from the company. Others will offer paid volunteer leave, an incentive that allows individual staff members to spend time volunteering out of the office setting while still getting paid for work (Getting paid to travel, give back, and saving those precious vacation days? What more could you ask for?)

If You are a MD and Don't Already Offer Corporate Volunteering, Consider This:

Corporate volunteering has many benefits. Studies show that from a business perspective, corporate volunteering can lead to increased employee engagement. When employees spend time in a change of scenery, actively giving back to the world through their own efforts, they are more likely to be satisfied in their jobs. And we all know that engaged employees lead to higher profit levels and productivity!

Businesses that permit their employees to volunteer will also appear more attractive to younger potential employees, as well as have higher employee retention results. Business will also have enhanced corporate visibility in today's global marketplace.

When employees volunteer together, there is increased team bonding and opportunities for growth in the areas of teamwork, interpersonal communications, and even skill development.

From an individual employee's perspective, corporate volunteering also has many personal benefits. Meaningful experiences abroad have eye-opening benefits and can help one find a sense of purpose, increase language skills and even add skills that boost one's CV.

Ok, so now you are convinced that corporate volunteering is the way to go, but where can you find corporate volunteer opportunities abroad? Look no further than Travel Teachers discovery work placement experiences