Why Travel Teacher?


Delivering excellence

Travel Teacher prides itself on delivering excellence, providing the best possible quality training to allow our customers to feel confident when embarking on their discovery work placement experience. We aim to ensure this unique experience has a holistic benefit to the individual and supports not only personal development, but it also enhances career prospects in the world of work.


The Travel Teacher Foundation was established to manage money fund raised by Travel Teacher volunteers. With the help of Travel Teacher this non-profit charity can ensure that all money fund raised goes directly to its educational projects in Fiji and The Cook Islands. This way we can guarantee all your hard work fund raising has maximum impact on the cause.  We are fully transparent with our fee breakdown because we want you to know exactly what and how much you pay.


Your safety is paramount. That’s why alls aspect of our programmes are managed solely by Travel Teacher. We conduct regular risk assessments and ensure all our team is highly experienced and trained in the event of emergencies.  Travel Teacher staff will be on hand 24/7 to support your discovery work placement experience.

24/7 Support and Mentoring

Travel Teacher offer all customers 24/7 support and mentoring whilst in the UK or in your selected project destination. Our team will be with you from start to finish to ensure you gain maximum impact from this journey. Our UK based team will fly out to your chosen country for the duration of your experience, coupled with the support of our country liaison manager (based in Fiji) that way you know you are in good hands.

Financial Security

All money paid to Travel Teacher is 100% financially protected. By law travel organisations need insurance to protect customers money in the event of insolvency.  This gives you peace of mind to know that your money is always safe.

Affordable volunteering

Travel Teacher aims to ensure that its Education and Adventure experience should be accessible to all.  That’s why we strive to ensure all our services are affordable whilst maintaining the high quality of delivery with comprehensive training programmes, excellent facilities and support services.
Travel Teacher can offer the most affordable training and development opportunities through our simplistic, streamlined approach.

Life Changing Experiences

The Travel Teacher experience WILL change your life.  Working, discovering and living with other like minded individuals, you will develop lifelong friendships and help create a legacy with the impact of your volunteer work.  You will discover a destination like no other, experiencing the tranquil islands of Fiji, Aitutaki and The Maldives, embracing the vast culture and diverse communities, it will simply blow you away.


Before you embark on your experience you will attend one of Travel Teachers accredited training courses. During this 4 day course you will develop the knowledge and skills which will assist you in the planning and delivery of your teaching and learning lessons whilst on your placement, this will also provide you with a platform to embark on a teaching career back in the UK.  Your preparation will be second to none, led by Travel Teacher's Director your will take part in outstanding training sessions which will equipped you with full confidence in all aspects of your Travel Teacher experience.