Volunteering Abroad - Aaron's Story

Volunteering Abroad - Aaron's Story

We are proud to be able to offer individuals the opportunity to broaden their own horizons in an environment out of their comfort zone.  Volunteering abroad with travel Teacher is a challenging, personal development experience which provides you with a meaningful opportunity to travel and develop an awareness of unique cultures and diverse global communities.

 Aaron Daas Travel Teacher Alumni

Aaron Daas, 21 from Southampton embarked on a journey with Travel Teacher in 2015 after completing a sports qualification at college.  Volunteering in Fiji was a huge step for Aaron, having not been abroad a way from his family and close friends. Fiji is certainly a great way to break that mould!

Aaron is an ambitious individual who is willing to learn and continually strives to better himself.  He jumped at the opportunity to volunteer abroad and hasn't looked back since. After his experience in Fiji he is now studying a sports degree course at Southampton Solent University.

In many ways Aaron's experience in Fiji has fuelled him with added confidence and has also provided him with a career focus, which is teaching abroad. Aaron's ultimate aim is now to become a teaching in an international setting and we believe he has all of the ingredients to be a huge asset to any institute.

We caught up with Aaron and reflected upon his experience volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher in Fiji last summer.  See transcript below.

What did you expect prior to volunteering abroad in Fiji?

Aaron: Oh my gosh well we didn't know what to expect, I mean yes we had all of our pre departure training and brief but it was all surreal, but when we actually landed in Fiji that's when we were face to face, it was unbelievable, I loved every second of it.

 Aaron Daas, Travel Teacher Alumni

Was the experience what you wanted?

Aaron: This experience was perfect for me as I want to teach PE. The days went so fast, wehelped out at the school for 4 hours each day Monday - Friday and then after that we went on some crazy adventure, or another island ;) as well as teaching at a school we gained a teaching qualification which is a stepping stone in my career.

What did you enjoy?

Another thing which was excellent was the people, the community, I've never seen a community this strong before.  The people were really welcoming. Everyone was lovely, a big shout out to Vani and Etika -who were very hospitable towards the volunteers. Overall there's only so much you can learn in a class room, going out and exploring will open your eyes and may help you see in a new light.

 Aaron Daas Travel Teacher Alumni, Beachcomber island

Final thoughts?

I wasn't sure about teaching abroad but having the right support and right people to talk to I know I want to teach overseas. Travel Teacher has been a 1 in million opportunity, the fact we're helping a community as well as giving us new skills is fantastic. Highly recommend :) 10/10

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Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create meaningful global impact through engagement.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad and overseas internship programs and School trips. Our provision combines education and opportunity for exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons.