"Volunteering in Aitutaki with Travel Teacher is like opening a new door to me" Read Kate's story.

Volunteer in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Travel Teacher prides itself on delivering meaningful travel experiences to all walks of life. Our program welcomes applicants from the United Kingdom and further afield as we celebrate an ethos driven by diversity and internationalisation. 

As we edge closer to our projects in 2017 we will be delivering featured posts on our volunteers to find out more about their own backgrounds and reasons for wanting to participate in our projects abroad in Fiji and Aitutaki.

Travel Teacher's Global Footprint

Kate Stretch is our first volunteer to successfully complete our application process and join our community all the way from Perth in Australia, it gives us great pleasure to welcome Kate to our cohort of volunteers who will be joining us in Aitutaki in July ahead of our project work at Araura College. Read Kate's transcript below.

 Kate Stretch, Travel Teacher Volunteer

How did you find out about Travel Teacher's opportunities to volunteer in Aitutaki, Cook Islands?

Travel Teacher popped up on my Facebook feed.  I looked at and was immediately drawn to it but thought it may only be for people under 25, it is probably only for people from the UK, it is probably only for secondary school teachers, it may only be for people who are very sport orientated ……  the list of exclusions running through my head was fairly endless. 

Volunteering with Travel Teacher is like opening a new door to me.
— Kate Stretch

Once I got totally bored with that negative way of thinking I just applied and now I am working my way towards returning to Aitutaki for two weeks in July 2017 as a volunteer teacher.

**Travel Teacher welcomes participants from all walks of life and our program is NOT just for teachers.

Personal Background

I currently live near Fremantle in Perth Western Australia.  I have worked as an Early Childhood Teacher in country and metropolitan state schools for quite a few years and prior to that I worked in some remote areas of Western Australia in various unskilled jobs.  I did not have the opportunity to complete my schooling in my teen years but made the choice as an adult to return to school and then chose to further my studies at university.

What does volunteering with Travel Teacher mean to you?

Volunteering with Travel Teacher is like opening a new door to me.  I have no idea what is on the other side but it will be exciting to open the door, peer inside and then walk on in and join in with whatever is going on behind the Travel Teacher door and contribute whatever I can.

Volunteering with Travel Teacher is already challenging me personally in my ability to problem solve and to be open to new ways of seeing and doing things

I hope that by being a part of the Travel Teacher program I will be able to contribute towards creating a broader range of opportunities for those who have more limited opportunities and choices than I have been able to create for myself.

Want to find out how you can join Kate and volunteer in Aitutaki with Travel Teacher? Read more on how to apply.

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create meaningful global impact through engagement.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad in the South Pacific. Our provision combines education and opportunity for exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons.