Read this if you really think you can't afford to travel.

How to change the "I cant afford to travel" mindset and say yes to travel

I cant afford to travel, I don't earn enough money, that's too expensive - ill never be able to save that. Well the truth of the matter is, if you keep saying these things to yourself, the likelihood is that you will be proved right.

There is a trend in society as we know it and that is to make excuses as to why we cannot do things. "The gym is too far away", "I'm no good at that therefore I cannot possibly give it a go", "i don't have anything to wear", the list goes on. The sad thing is, we will never be able to aspire to achieve the things that we desire, simply because we lack the ingredients to do so.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad

When it comes to travel, the main thing that people feel is holding them back is money, some people feel that in order to travel and see the world that you have be be special, rich or unique and in doing so this psychological barrier prevents them from actually pursuing the opportunity that they desire.

Millions of people all of the world each year from diverse backgrounds and communities find ways to travel, as an organisation we are privileged to meet many individuals each year who choose to embark on our volunteering expeditions in Fiji and The Cook Islands. 

We understand that there is some monetary requirement to travel but to those who possess that'too poor' or not 'fortunate enough' to travel mindset, you're not!

It all boils down to how much you want something and what are you willing sacrifice in order to make this happen, you will find a way! For some it will take longer than others but believe that you can do it!

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer in Fiji

Assess your day to day spending. Do you really need that fresh cup of coffee from the coffee shop? Can you pre prepare lunches for work and cook evening meals instead of having a takeaway? Can you take alternative transport to work, or plan to car share with friends? Can you limit the number of nights out you have per month? All of the above will not only help you save money but they are carry a positive affect on your overall health.

By starting small, you will notice a change, and it is these small changes that will help you realise that you can do it! Can you take initiative and plan a car boot sale, or set up a Ebay account to auction off some old things that you do not want? Every little helps! (Excuse the phrase from that well known grocery store)

Fundraising is another great way to fund your participation in travel. Can you organise events with family and friends which can be fun but will also provide you with a few quid at the end of it?

If you don't believe that you can afford to travel then you never will, start looking for ways to pursue your dreams no matter how small they begin.  Travel is for everyone and people from all walks of life find ways to spread their wings and explore the world around us, unless you don't want too of course.

Don't get caught up in the media hype that you have to be a certain person to travel. This blog article is intended to give those with psychological barriers, that little extra push. As emphasised earlier, there are people out there who will have valid reasons why they cannot travel, no matter how much they believe or set themselves goals.

We hope that you find this article somewhat inspiring, its a big and beautiful world out there and unfortunately we do not have long enough to enjoy it. But whilst we are here however, embrace it, strive to achieve your aims, broaden your horizons and learn about new cultures.  There is no better experience than travel, this is something we are sure of!