So what is it really like to volunteer in Fiji with Travel Teacher?

Volunteer in Fiji | Volunteer Testimonials

Travel Teacher are proud to be able to offer life changing experiences to individuals from all walks of life through volunteering abroad programs in Fiji and The Cook IslandsOur team are passionate about developing people through meaningful travel allowing volunteers to discover their own potential by stepping outside of their comfort zone and immersing themselves deep within local culture.

During this article we will explore a selection of testimonies from some of those who have chosen to embark on this journey with us.

Alannah Sullivan - Travel Teacher Volunteer | Fiji

It’s what you’re looking for ..

I wanted to travel the world while making an impact to places i visited in anyway possible - therefore Travel Teacher appeared perfect for me and clearly many others. Little did i know that making a change to a place like Fiji and the Fijian people would also completely change and impact me as a person - my outlook on life and the world along with my perspective on happiness has been broadened and i find myself being fascinated with the smallest of things now that i have experienced such a wide variety of lifestyles, from teaching children who had nothing but huge smiles on their faces, crossing a river to get to our home, showering in fresh water to then visit 5* hotels, beautiful islands and huge shopping malls, i can appreciate all assets of life along with a variety of different people and cultures. This is the best, most rewarding thing i have experienced yet and I've met people i will never ever forget :)

How can this program be improved?

It couldn’t. It’s a really thought out program where you get to see a high majority of Fiji as well as being able to really get involved in Fijian life, teaching and living around the local children and creating bonds with them. For me, this was exactly what I was looking for.

 Volunteer in Fiji | Travel Teacher

Holly Farmer - Travel Teacher Volunteer | Fiji

Fiji- Travel teacher-My experience

My time in Fiji was exactly what I expected. Full of culture, variety of foods and appreciative people. Fiji is a beautiful country which has a variety of beautiful beaches and exclusive islands which we were lucky enough to visit. Alongside this we got to explore waterfalls, caves, speedboat experiences and local shopping. Fiji itself is quite poor in some areas so whilst we got to visit the exclusivity of upmarket hotels, in contrast we really got to see how individuals valued what we had especially the school children who we taught. The children were always happy and it was great to see an impact being made within schools and across culture.

 Volunteer Abroad with Travel Teacher

Sarah Turner - Travel Teacher Volunteer | Fiji

My Time in Fiji

Travel Teacher has been such an amazing experience which I am so glad I participated in. I have learnt so much from my time in Fiji and have loved every aspect of it, from working and building relationships with the children and experiencing the Fijian culture to going to different islands and doing many exciting activities. We had the chance to develop our own skills and the balance between learning and volunteering in the school environment and exploring the many adventures Fiji has to offer was a perfect. I have been pushed out of my comfort zone and gained in confidence and also met some great people!

 Volunteer Abroad with Travel Teacher