Wildlife in Fiji | What species can I expect to see on my trip to Fiji?

Fiji Wildlife | What wildlife can I expect to see on my trip to Fiji?

Fiji is home to some of the most unique wildlife, and our volunteers often get to encounter some of natures most extraordinary species during a volunteer abroad expedition with Travel Teacher in Fiji.

During your volunteer expedition with Travel Teacher in Fiji, you will get the opportunity to encounter some of nature’s most beautiful species.

 Kula Eco Park Fiji

Travel Teachers projects focus on education and community development, and having the opportunity to live in a remote village, coupled with the opportunity to step off the beaten track on our expedition gives you a great opportunity to get up close and personal with these wonderful animals.

So, what kind of wildlife and animals are you likely to see in Fiji?

Mammals and Birds

Fiji has six native land mammals, all of which are bats. Four of the species are fruit bats, whilst two feed off insects. Fruit bats are generally nocturnal and live in tall trees, making it very difficult for you to spot them. You however most certainly get to see these fascinating animals during our visit to Kula Eco Park - home to some of the rarest animals in Fiji.

Fiji is also home to 76 native land and see birds, 27 of which are endemic and only found in Fiji, some have a vast array of colour, making them a huge interest point for lovers of not only birds but nature in general.

You will also see a large number of dogs, particularly in and around the local villages. these dogs will be harmless if left unprovoked


Snakes are rare in Fiji due to mongooses which were imported to Fiji to help curtail a rat problem but now they pose a threat to the harmless snakes living in the area, including the elusive Boa snake, which is considered a god in Fijian mythology.

 Kula Eco Park Fiji

Asides from snakes, Fiji is home to 29 other species of reptiles including the crested iguana - which is difficult to spot due to its size and camouflaging abilities, and a number of frogs and toads.

Marine Life

The Fiji Islands are largely made up of water. Fiji is made up of over 330 islands and islets. As a result the islands lends itself incredibly to host some spectacular tropical fish and underwater marine life.  The warm waters of the South Pacific offer sanctuary for many dolphins, rays, turtles and reef sharks.  Sharks are often seen as a good representation of a healthy reef, so their presence in Fiji is a positive sign.

The coral reefs in Fiji hosts lots of smaller reef sharks.  Groups of Travel Teacher volunteers have been privileged to witness some incredible moments spotting these whilst snorkelling off some of the local house reefs during visits to the Mamanuca islands.  Humpback whales can also often be sighted in Lomaitviti and the outer islands of Fiji.

We were very fortunate to spot some incredible reef sharks during an evening walk alone the beach, check out the images below.

 Reef Shark Fiji | Travel Teacher
 Reef Shark Fiji | Travel Teacher

Some of the world’s best diving and snorkelling sites lie in Fiji and this is largely due to incredible reefs that offer the perfect habitat for marine life and coral.  

Fiji's many coral reefs are also home to exotic sea snakes, anemone and a plethora of fish species.

If you’d like to see and experience the wildlife in Fiji, what better way to do it than during a remote volunteer expedition with Travel Teacher!  Wildlife is a very important part of the environment and education in general. During your project with us you will be exposed to some unique moments and encounters that will provide life long memories.

Volunteer in Fiji with Travel Teacher

Kula Eco Wildlife Park on the Coral Coast near the town of Sigatoka, is an excellent conservation park that has taken on the significant task of breeding many of Fiji’s endemic species. You will have the opportunity to be educated by the parks experienced, passionate staff making for an excellent expedition experience.

For more on how you can join a volunteer expedition in Fiji get in touch to learn more about Travel Teacher.