Volunteer in The Cook Islands | Find our how we are supporting the promotion of health and wellbeing amongst youths in Aitutaki

Volunteer in The Cook Islands | Travel Teacher | Proud to be making a difference at Araura College

Travel Teacher's mission is to deliver ethical, meaningful and educational volunteer expeditions to support children and communities faced with hardship, whilst providing volunteers with an opportunity to broaden their own horizons and develop key transferable skills through a challenging, rewarding and authentic experience.

 Volunteer in The Cook Islands | Travel Teacher

For the majority of tourists visiting Aitutaki in The Cook Islands, the underlying issues of hardship are not immediately visible through the shear beauty of the turquoise lagoon that surrounds the island. It’s not until you journey beyond the resorts and into the rural communities, that issues affecting children and communities in Aitutaki become clearer.

One of the major issues on the island is the high levels of obesity amongst children and youths which consequently leads to serious conditions such as diabetes. A catalyst for this is the amount of imported, processed foods and soft drinks (which by the way are very expensive) available to young people on the island.

In addition to this the islands Schools are in need of support and devoid of basic materials and many students drop out of education early. Access to organised youth schemes, sport and extra-curricular activities which promote health and social well-being are also limited to non-existent.

 Volunteer in The Cook Islands | Travel Teacher

We are proud to be making a sustainable, collaborative difference with Araura College in Aitutaki and work on our first project is well underway.  Through our charity The Travel Teacher Foundation we work with the school to address the basic needs with the aim of delivering a brighter future for all.

We are delighted to share with you an ongoing project where students have taken ownership of a fruit and vegetable garden, funded by our charity.  The garden allows the school to grow and produce fresh fruits and vegetables which can be a healthy substitute for the processed foods at the school tuck shop.  The garden is managed and maintained by students, allowing them a sense of responsibility and also providing them with a platform to develop work skills.  We hope in the future that the garden will present an opportunity for enterprise in resourcing neighbouring resorts, resulting in further funds for the school.

 Volunteer in the Cook Islands | Travel Teacher

Volunteer in The Cook Islands with Travel Teacher

If you would like to be a part of our global impact and participate in a program with Travel Teacher in The Cook Islands, we would love to here from you. Please contact us for more information.