Volunteer in Fiji | Shannon's teaching inspires Fijian students

Volunteer in Fiji | Shannon's teaching inspires Fijian students

Participants that embark on a volunteer program with Travel Teacher are from a variety of backgrounds, not just teachers.

Volunteers choose to embark on a program due to a variety of reasons, no matter what that reason maybe the end result will see them contribute to our mission as an organisation - to support children through education.

 Shannon Johnson | Travel Teacher Volunteer

As an organisation, what sets us apart is the level of quality and capability of our volunteers. All volunteer teachers will undertake a pre departure preparation process with us in order to up-skill and learn the technical aspects of teaching (If you are already a teacher, this can act as a valuable opportunity for continual professional development).

In short, we will teach you how to teach, and how to respond to children from diverse cultural backgrounds and academic competence. Our methods provide our volunteers with the confidence and support which will result in them being able to make a meaningful impact which volunteering abroad with Travel Teacher.

Shannon Johnson, a volunteer in Fiji with Travel Teacher, joined us on an expedition in summer 2017.  Shannon, from Waterlooville in Hampshire has a background in media and journalism and applied to our program in order to provide support with literacy amongst young children in Fiji.

 Volunteer in Fiji | Travel Teacher

In order to develop students awareness of the wider world in a literal context, Shannon developed a lesson which she delivered to a group of students in Fiji where they were to design their own newspaper cover. The students would not only be responsible for the design but also collecting the information for the article.

Students were tasked to develop a set of questions, which would form the basis of an interview for a teacher in the school.  The students would then interview the teachers, collecting there evidence and content for the article.  From the information gained they would create a newspaper front cover and headline which also included an image which they were to draw. Finally they were to write a short summary from the responses they received from the teacher.

The skill development as a result of this activity was huge, students developed; confidence, communication skills, listening skills, independence as well as presentation skills when they revealed their article to the rest of the group.

This was an outstanding lesson delivered by Shannon and was recognised by the Travel Teacher team as the best lesson during our awards giving during the final night of the project.

The impact that our volunteers have on teaching diversity in schools is huge, they really do extend learning beyond the classroom, and challenge students to adhere to high expectations, resulting in excellent progress, no matter what background they are from - learning matters to us.

 Volunteer in Fiji | Travel Teacher

A special well done to Shannon for this excellent activity!

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