Tales of an untravelled traveller - Shannon Johnson, Travel Teacher Volunteer in Fiji

Adventures in Fiji

In this volunteer blog, we will be focusing on Travel Teacher volunteer Shannon Johnson from Portsmouth in Hampshire.  Shannon applied to our program in October 2016 as a keen applicant who is ready to make an impact.  As we begin to edge closer to Shannon's chosen project in Fiji we thought we would ask her a few questions based on her thoughts and feelings and what volunteering with us means to her. Enjoy the transcript below.

 Shannon Johnson - Travel Teacher Volunteer

To Fiji and Beyond….

Tell us about the day you decided to apply to volunteer in Fiji with Travel Teacher?

23 July, 2017. For many, just another day. For me? The start of a life-affirming adventure…..

For two weeks, I’ll be volunteering abroad in Fiji with Travel Teacher, staying in a beautiful village called Namatakula. Whilst here, I’ll be undertaking work placements at the local school and truly immersing myself into the vibrant culture and lifestyle Fiji has to offer.

What were you initial thoughts on the concept of Travel Teacher?

I’ve always known volunteering abroad was something I wanted to do; to travel the world, experience another culture and all the while making a positive difference to the lives of others.

So when I saw a Travel Teacher ad on Facebook, and as soon as I researched about the ethos and aims of the project, I knew immediately it was the perfect option for me. I signed up straight away and started my application.

Travel Teacher will allow me to do something meaningful whilst experiencing another culture. It also appealed to me because it didn’t have increasingly high costs (like other volunteering schemes) that prevent many, including me from applying.

 Volunteering in Fiji with Travel Teacher

How do you feel knowing that you are going to be impacting a global community?

I am a fond believer in that everyone deserves the right to a quality education. I know how significant education is in improving the quality of the lives for many living in inequality. Education did that for me, and I want to make sure that the rest of the world has that same option of being able to achieving anything for the future.

What does it mean for your personal development?

I know it will be a challenge, it is definitely out of my comfort zone, but that is what makes the opportunity all the more exciting. It has made me even more motivated and committed to taking part. What is so fantastic, is that I would be working as part of a team, meaning everyone will have the support of each other.

What will you get from this experience?

Taking part will most definitely be a once in a lifetime opportunity for me; to come together with others to help tackle global issues, to make life-long friends and to know I helped make a difference, however big or small that may be.

 Impacting on youths in Fiji

How will this help you in the future?

Not only will I be continuing to help increase the quality of education for these children, but I know I will gain valuable skills that will stay with me; both personal and career wise.  I’ll be more independent, confident, open-minded and willing to try new things.

What do you feel are the main benefits of volunteering with Travel Teacher?

Everything! For me, it is the whole package. You get the combination of volunteering, exploring and gaining a qualification.

All that’s left to do is pack….

You can follow Shannon's journey with Travel Teacher via Facebook

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create meaningful global impact through engagement.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad in the South Pacific. Our provision combines education and opportunity for exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons.