Volunteer Rachael sets her sights on Fiji

Volunteer Case Study

Back for the latest instalment of our volunteer blog.  In this addition we here from Travel Teacher volunteer Rachael Ingledow who will be embarking on a journey with us in Fiji this summer.  Rachael has a passion for learning and particularly enjoys English as a subject.  Rachael is looking forward to helping others and has had her sights set on volunteering in Fiji.

 Ratu Filise Memorial School, Fiji

What does volunteering in Fiji with Travel Teacher mean to you?


After months of doing the same thing day in day out I realised I was living my worst fear: not living. The realisation scared me into researching every spare moment I had, looking for something different, something to take me out of my comfort zone; an adventure. This is when I came across Travel Teacher.

I feel unbelievably lucky to be part of this journey

Something I have always wanted to do with my life is help people. I love learning about people, their lives, culture and general way of life. This programme, I saw, as throwing all these things into one, as well as doing it in an amazing country I wouldn’t ever think I’d get the opportunity to visit. As I’m sure anyone else would have done, I had applied to the programme within minutes of reading the itinerary..so the adventure began! The thought of making an impact to this community is overwhelming to me, I feel unbelievably lucky to be apart of this journey and be involved in the work being done in this community.

The start of a journey

As an introvert growing up I never thought I would ever be able to be apart of something like this and have the confidence to put myself forward to go on an adventure so far away doing something completely new to me. Although my confidence has grown a lot already I know travel teacher will definitely push it further and take me out my comfort zone. The experience I hope will make me fall even more in love with travel and inspire me to carry on making an impact in other countries by volunteering and helping other communities around the world, as well as experiencing as much as I can, whilst I can. I have never been someone who wanted a 9-5 job or a routine to stick to each week, so this journey I see as the start to my future of putting myself out there and making sure to travel as much and as far as I can whilst helping as many people as I can on the way.

 Namatakula Fiji

The Benefits of volunteering with Travel Teacher

The benefits of Travel Teacher for the children in the school will make such a positive impact. With the amount of students to teachers in each class it makes me realise how lucky I have been with my education and being able to bring this school even slightly  closer to that makes me so proud to be apart of this journey. For  me personally, experiencing a completely different culture than and being able to learn about how different life is in this community will definitely open my eyes to how much people take things for granted when its infant of them, unlike this community where everything they get is so appreciated as they wouldn’t be able to have got this far without it . Travel Teacher itself is such an amazing programme that helps both the people volunteering to have a unique experience as well as the students in the country you volunteer in. Reading through the experiences of people who have done the Fiji impact last year with travel teacher shows me how much it has inspired them and I know it will do the same for me. Seeing how a community and schools with so little have such a positive spirit is inspiring in itself and I can’t wait to go over there and help make a difference.

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create impact through meaningful travel experiences.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad in Fiji and The Cook Islands. Our provision combines education and exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons whilst developing key transferable skills and making lifelong memories.