Travel Teacher volunteers begin preparations at Wembley Stadium

Travel Teacher Pre Departure Workshop - Wembley Stadium

On Monday 10th April 2017 Travel Teacher volunteers gathered at Wembley stadium in London to begin preparations for this summers volunteer expeditions in Fiji and The Cook Islands.  This eagerly anticipated training workshop signalled a count down to an extraordinary summer in The South Pacific.

Travel and Teach

Participants travelled far and wide to be a part of the days proceedings, it was a great opportunity for them to familiarise themselves with the Travel Teacher philosophy as well as meeting members of their expedition group and finding out more about their journey ahead.

 Workshop icebreaker

Expedition Preparation

Travel Teachers Pre Departure training workshop is an important phase of our volunteer preparation and fits with the first part of our organisational mantra 'learn'. The day was action packed full of excitement, energy and enthusiasm, it was great to see our volunteers begin to mould into our community ethos and collective spirit. 

The day was delivered by Travel Teacher Founder and Director Matt Ray. This was an opportunity for Matt to meet our volunteers face to face before setting off in the summer.

The pre departure workshop is a vital ingredient in preparing our participants for their volunteer expedition. The day will allay any inhibitions that they may have and will allow them to gain insight into our field operations in Fiji and The Cook Islands
— Matt Ray

The day was tailored to allow for some key team building / icebreaker activities that would immediately break down any barriers and begin to integrate our volunteers as one.  The majority of our volunteers travel independently, so enabling them to familiarise themselves with their group as well as Travel Teacher staff is a real benefit to them and enables them to feel more confident ahead of their travel and teach journey.

It was great to meet the group that I will be travelling with this has made me more excited ahead of my Fiji trip
— Chloe Jones, Travel Teacher Volunteer

Country Preparation

The day however wasn't just for ice breaking activities, it was also a platform for the Travel Teacher to deliver a safety induction, introduce cultural considerations and begin the technical preparation - introducing participants to teaching skills which will enable them to feel confident and competent when working with young children in our partnered schools in The South Pacific.

The venue was amazing, I am now even more excited about my experience with Travel Teacher
— Dan Wellsted, Travel Teacher Volunteer

See below some great images of the days training.

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create impact through meaningful travel experiences.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer projects abroad in Fiji and The Cook Islands. Our provision combines education and exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons whilst developing key transferable skills and making lifelong memories.