Night Paddling in The Cook Islands - Volunteer Expedition

Volunteer Expedition in Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Travel Teachers philosophy combines education and exploration, the later allows for a range of outstanding activities which will engage, enthuse and provide memorable moments for our volunteers.

Our Cook Islands expedition takes us to the island of Aitutaki.  Travel Teacher volunteers will spend up to half of their day immersing themselves deep within local culture and tradition, whilst having the opportunity to try their hand at a range of unique activities.

Have you ever tried 'night' stand up paddle boarding in The Cook Islands? Sounds awesome doesn't it?

Pitch black out on the crystal clear lagoon a short while after the sunset. Calm water, a cool breeze in the air and a group of like minded travellers out on the water with a local guide trying their hand at a new skill.  Travel Teachers expedition is about extending our travellers out of their comfort zone and encouraging the development of vital transferable skills such as confidence, teamwork, leadership and robustness. These skills will support the individual in becoming a success in the world of work and allow them to contribute more effectively to their own community and wider society.

Experience Aitutaki under the stars

Back to night paddling, our team of volunteers will be assigned to an expert guide that will lead them into the lagoon sanctuary, this moonlit experience will be truly magical.  Paddling under the stars whilst discovering the shallow and clear waters of the lagoon.  The latest LED technology attached to the board will ensure that our volunteers have an extrodinary experience.

Aitutaki Lagoon

The lagoon itself is brimming with marine life and is a true treasure of the South Pacific.  The island of Aitutaki gently curls round the lagoons making for a glorious scene whether in the air or in the water, it will simply take your breath away!

Aitutaki Lagoon

Group Travel

Travel Teachers volunteer expeditions are tailored for small / medium sized groups, ensuring that all needs are catered for and that there is enough support on hand to allow our volunteers to feel safe and secure when embarking on a local activity. Our team of experts will ensure that participants make lifelong memories whilst engaging is some of the most unique activities on earth.

Thank you for reading!  Travel Teacher aims to create impact through meaningful travel and teach experiences.  Our engagement stems through the delivery of volunteer expeditions abroad in Fiji and The Cook Islands. Our provision combines education and exploration, we encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone and broaden your own horizons whilst developing key transferable skills and making lifelong memories.