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Travel Teacher | Top 5 reasons why you should travel before or after graduation

Have you ever sat mid university lecture and just thought to yourself; I want to travel and explore the big wide world?  Don't worry you are not the only one out there who daydreams about an adventure, a break away from the norm and a chance to discover the unknown.

Having the urge to travel will not detract you from your long term career aspirations, in fact it will in many ways further enhance your future career prospects. Travelling will be the best decision you will ever make.  Here are our 5 reasons why you should take the leap.

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Enhance employment prospects

That word 'employability' you would of heard it frequently during your time in further and higher education.  Have you began job hunting? writing your CV? developing a cover letter? Naturally this may increase your sense of urgency in finding a placement / job and encourage you to start your career as soon as possible. You may think at this stage that heading abroad to travel for any length of time may set you back.

Well you've heard it from us, this is certainly not the case.  Having evidence of any meaningful travel abroad is likely to impress any potential employers.  Organisations are keen to employ individuals who have demonstrated a willingness to step outside of their comfort zone and experience new and diverse cultures.

Your experience will also show that you can be robust, can respond to challenges and even that you have good communication skills.

If you choose to be more productive during your time abroad and work or volunteer abroad, this can add even more prestige to your growing CV. Working or volunteering in an international setting shows that you possess intercultural skills and can adapt to different surroundings.

Gain a sense of independence

Regardless of how independent you feel you currently are, travelling abroad adds to this and cultivates this in a new way.  You will be forced to do things that you may not do when positioned in your circle of comfort at home.  You will be required to communicate to strangers, find your way after being lost, maybe even live alone.  You will be able to live spontaneously and all on your terms. Isn't that enough to get you excited? 

 Travel promotes independance

Travel promotes independance

Informed career choice

Your time abroad may even encourage you to make informed choices about your future career direction.  There maybe a away that you can combine you future career pathway with an opportunity abroad, who knows? You may even come across something new and discover something that your even more passionate about.  Its a case of " If you don't go, you'll never know".

Increased perspective on life

Travelling is an invaluable life experience that will 'open your eyes' to new walks of life and ways of living.  It is important that you are able to develop an appreciation of how big / small things are in life, this enables you to become more humble and and also to value the things that you already have in your own life.

Getting to know you

Nobody knows you better than you right? Well here is your opportunity to find out even more about yourself. Are you able to face an fears? How well do you respond to challenge or adversity? What are your real strengths and weaknesses?

The bottom line is, travelling abroad will do so much to develop you as an individual so don't think twice. If you feel that your are unable to afford it financially then make it work!  You will not know how significant this experience will be in your life until you take the leap.  Create a life experience for yourself, one that nobody else understands except those who have travelled on the same pathway.

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