Travel Teacher partnering with STA Travel Education to deliver stimulating, educational travel content

Travel Teacher | In Partnership with STA Travel Education

Travel Teacher will be teaming up with STA travel education to provide a collaborative approach to delivering engaging, informative and helpful educational travel content.

We are delighted to be able to work closely with the team at STA and to be able to share content on respective platforms with the aim of providing, information, hints and tips and also travel advice from around the globe,

We caught up with Beth Greenwood from STA Travel education and asked a few questions about STA Ed, read the ful transcript below.

Tell us about STA Travel Education?

We are the world’s largest travel company for teachers, students and young people, STA Travel Education have over 30 years’ experience in organizing safe, secure and exciting trips for young people all over the world, so you can book safe in the knowledge you’re in good hands! Our dedicated Groups Travel team are travel mad and look after all things educational! To support this team, we have a team of Educational Development Executives who are on hand to speak to teachers and students. Many of these executives come from a teaching background and therefore have a fundamental understanding of learning objectives and outcomes.

 Travel Teacher | STA Travel Education

What are your aims / objectives?

Educating students and groups through travel is our main aim. We believe education should not be restricted to the boundaries of a classroom. Travel opens up the mind, inspires, educates, excites and brings subjects to life!

Best piece of advice for travellers?

Whatever your age, keep learning! Education expands much further than the school gates! Speak to locals, step out of your comfort zone, get to grips with the local culture and make sure you pack in as much as you can when you’re away, that way the learning opportunities will never end!

Interesting fact about STA Travel Education?

In 2015, we joined forces with teen cancer charities in the UK, United States, Australia, and New Zealand to raise awareness and funds all over the world. STA Travel are also committed to changing attitudes about the humane treatment of animals within tourism. Our animal welfare policy safeguards the well-being and protection of animals across all our operations. We’re passionate about preserving our planet for the future generations to explore!

 STA Travel Education | Guidebook

What are the benefits of group travel?

The list of benefits is endless! At STA Travel Education we believe group trips are the best way to inspire students and create unforgettable memories along the way! It provides some great bonding opportunities and learning way beyond any textbook!

 STA Travel | Group travel specialists

Top place to visit in 2017?

Iceland should be on every bucket list! Students from all walks of curriculum can enjoy the ‘land of Fire and Ice.’ Hit the highland roads and you’ll have access to the more ‘untouched’ parts of the country. The best sights were created by mother nature herself: the midnight sun, deep ice caves, the Aurora Borealis, icy glaciers and bubbling mud pools! An adventure waiting to happen!

 Reykjavic, Iceland

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