Travel Teacher | Welcome To Aitutaki | Volunteer Expedition Day 1

Volunteer Expedition Diaries

Kia Orana (Hello) from The Cook Islands, during our 2 week project we will be documenting our journey through this expedition blog.  We will bring you images, media, volunteer case studies and stories of our time on expedition, we hope that you enjoy.

Day 1

Saturday 8th July - Arrival day. today was airport pickup day, collecting our volunteers from the local domestic airport in Aitutaki, it has a slightly different feel to Gatwick and Heathrow and immediately highlights the relaxed island culture and harmony. 

We welcomed our volunteers with traditional garlands after the short domestic flight from Rarotonga. It was an unforgettable experience descending onto the island from 12,000ft on a small propeller plane, the views were magical, staring down at the turquoise blue Aitutaki Lagoon was certainly a unique experience - it produced some excellent photos!

 Travel Teacher | Volunteers arriving in Aitutaki

Upon collecting luggage from the trailer, our volunteers were driven back to our local accommodation at Ginas Garden Lodges where they received a full induction briefing and expedition overview as we look forward to the 2 weeks ahead on the island.

I have been buzzing for this experience ever since I applied, I am so happy to be here
— Sohail Khiliji - Volunteer

Our volunteers have been assigned room-mates for their local lodge accommodation which provides amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom and communal area.  Its based on a beautiful garden sanctuary maintained by Tutai and her husband Des.

After settling in we took the group to Ootu Beach for their first taste of the crystal clear waters, of Aitutaki Lagoon where they could snorkel or swim or even just relax and unwind after their long flight.  It was a great way to spend the first afternoon and provided a small taste of what's to come during our expedition.

 Travel Teacher | Ootu beach

In the evening we ventured into a local village for dinner and visited popular spot for the locals - The Boat shed. The food was excellent and the atmosphere even better, it gave our volunteers a feel for the local immersion that they will experience throughout this journey.

Day 1 of 14 was a huge success, everybody has arrived safely and are looking forward to the coming weeks ahead. We hope that you will follow our journey via our social media platforms and blogs and should you wish to find out how you could be a part of the same journey next year visit here.

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