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Kia Orana Araura College

The day finally arrived where we were able to begin our work at Araura College in Aitutaki.  Students were gathered in the assembly hall ready to welcome our volunteers to their school and wider community.

Araura College has a cohort of approx 200 students ranging from school year 7 to year 13, with the oldest students at 18 years of age. Dressed impeccably in the crisp uniforms - white and red for girls and white and grey for boys, the students welcomed our volunteers up onto the stage for a welcoming ceremony.

 Travel Teacher | Araura College

Volunteers were treated to The cook Islands national anthem, sung beautifully by the children, this was a very special moment for Travel Teacher staff and volunteers. Following the anthem we received an address from the principal Tracy Spiers who highlighted the importance of our work with the school to the students.

Next up it was Travel Teacher Founder and Director Matt Ray who addressed the school and introduced our volunteers one by one to the students, each receiving a huge ovation - which was very humbling and a special moment for each of our volunteers.  Each volunteer was assigned their teaching group as assembly came to a close.

The subject groups include English, maths, social studies, PE, resistant materials, performing arts and hospitality. Our volunteers would be split between the group and given the responsibility to support the local teacher in the classroom.

The reception I received from the students was amazing, I couldn’t believe it
— Tak Mavure
 Araura College in partnership with Travel Teacher

Travel Teacher volunteers will spend up to 4 hours teaching per day and some have also chosen to support extra curricular activities at the school. So far the students have been extremely engaged and eager to find out more about the personalities, characters and backgrounds of our volunteers.

We are incredibly excited about our journey and partnership with Araura College, we believe that this will provide outstanding opportunities for volunteers and students to achieve great things whilst developing lifelong memories.

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