All aboard the Vaka Cruise | Journey to One Foot Island

The Vaka Cruise | Aitutaki

Its the weekend and time for a journey out into the turquoise lagoon of Aitutaki.  Our volunteers had been eagerly anticipating this particular item of the expedition and it certainly didn't disappoint.

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An early start, we headed down to the top end of the island and boarded the Vaka - a21 meter Polynesian style Vaka Titi ai Tonga. We set off from the port side at 10am headed for One foot Island, on route we would be stopping at several motu (small islets). On board the crew provided us with a range of refreshments including fresh coconut and pau pau not forgetting some english tea for those seeking an element of home comfort.

 The Vaka Cruise | Travel Teacher

The onboard entertainment consisted of some local music delivered by the crew which provided a great atmosphere and a colourful feel to the day.

As we set out for the islands it quickly became apparent that the environment that we were in contained a wealth of beauty aside from just the stunning lagoon. The lagoon itself must be the most picturesque on the planet, the contrast of blues is just mesmerising and the water so clear you can comfortably see the bottom.

Cue the cameras and selfies, it was rude not to in all honestly - you would struggle to find a better back drop in the whole of the world.

I have never seen water before like this in my whole life
— Aaron Whitnall - Travel Teacher Volunteer
 Aitutaki Lagoon | Travel Teacher

Snorkelling with Giant Trevally

On route to One Foot, we stopped at a snorkel point to witness the giant trevally fish - they are really imposing figures in the water, huge but so seamless in the movement and also very fast.  The trevally is distributed throughout the tropical waters of the pacific and distinguished by a steep head profile.  It was fascinating to see them in the water and we also got an opportunity to see them being fed.

After our incredible experience in the water we were treated to an incredible selection of local delicacies including tuna steak - the majority of the group went up for seconds and thirds!

 Giant Trevally | Aitutaki Lagoon

One Foot Paradise

Upon arrival on one Foot Island the group decided to find their way by walking the 1.2km perimeter of the island - it was full beautiful palm trees and golden sand. The island itself was one of a number of neighbouring islands to be used for the reality TV show 'Survivor' season 13 back in 2006 a show where a number of participants / tribes are stranded on the island and are required to undertake a number of challenges physical and mental which would ultimately determine whether they remain on the island.

Another cool thing about one foot is that it is home to the smallest post office in the world, our volunteers were able to get a passport stamped with the one Foot logo.

What a day! its certainly a day that our volunteers will remember for the rest of their lives and cherish in their memory.

 One Foot Island

That concludes our day on One Foot and what a day it was!

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