Volunteer Expedition | Honeymoon Island Aitutaki

Volunteer Expedition | Honeymoon Island Aitutaki

If our local cruise to One Foot Island wasn't enough our volunteers also got to experience the beauty of Honeymoon Island in Aitutaki.  Honeymoon is a small uninhabited island (motu) of Aitutaki atoll. In fact it is a sandbank with palm trees. Also some large birds like to nest here, one in fact decided to nest right under a hammock occupied by one of our volunteers during the day.

Another morning start, we set off via a short speedboat transfer that took us through the lagoon and out to the island, the weather started off slightly overcast but grew as the day progressed - after all it is winter here in Aitutaki.

Upon arrival on the island our volunteers had the opportunity to take the day at their own pace, some chose to snorkel, some took a walk out along the crystal sandbanks whilst some saw the opportunity to hideaway in a hammock too hard to turn down.

 Honeymoon Island | Aitutaki

Local Lunch

Whilst on the island or team we treated to a local lunch, prepared by Mike our guide who cooked up a feast including tuna steak, sausages, salads, fried banana, rice and more.  The food was truly excellent - compliments to the chef!!

Afternoon Snorkel

After lunch we had the opportunity to walk out to a nearby reef, highlighted as one of the best snorkelling points on the island. It was a long walk out the the reef - approx 600 metres in fact, in waist deep water, at this point the current also began to pick up as did the wind, making conditions a little more tricky and our passage to the reef a little more difficult to negotiate.

Once out on the reef, the collection of marine life was incredible, our volunteers saw this as an opportunity to get lost in the moment, what an experience!

The snorkelling was amazing, I have never done anything like this before
— Sohail Khiliji - Travel Teacher Volunteer
 Travel Teacher | Honeymoon Island

Before we headed home there was an opportunity to check out the kite boarders who flock from local and afar to Honeymoon Island to take advantage of the near perfect conditions to participate in this extreme water sport.  It was great to witness the shear talent and athleticism of some of the participants who displayed a wealth of technique and agility in moving seamlessly around the island on their kite board.

 Kite boarding | Aitutaki

Before long we headed back to base where our volunteers had the opportunity to catch some much needed down time before another day at school the following morning.

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