Do I have to be a teacher to volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher?

Do I have to be a teacher to volunteer abroad with Travel Teacher?

It is our frequently most asked question by budding meaningful travellers as to whether our program carries the requirement of having to be a teacher by profession or one by ambition.

The quite simple answer to that is no.  Travel Teachers meaningful volunteer expeditions are accessible to all walks oflife, including all ages (17 and above), professional backgrounds and career interests.  We are proud to be able to offer such a dynamic program offer that caters for all.

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What if I have no teaching skills?

The context and overarching aim through our project work is to make an impact through teaching and passing on knowledge to young children in global communities as well as the local teachers who we offer support to. However we believe teaching to be a transferable skill and it is a skill that each and everyone of us demonstrate on a daily basis (often by stealth)  Prior to our expeditions we deliver a comprehensive pre departure preparatory program aimed at ensuring all participants who join us are confident and competent ahead of their experience with us.

Our preparation focuses on a basic introduction of teaching skills which will provide a base for our meaningful travellers to provide high quality support and ultimately impact in our partnered schools.  The skills that all volunteers (teachers or non teachers) will take away from this program will be invaluable and can be utilised in any walk of life or career pathway.

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Will my experience with travel teacher help me become a teacher?

If your ambition is to become a teacher and you are looking to collate high quality experience in the field then our projects along with our accredited preparation will certainly stand you in good stead. Our expert staff will provide support to you throughout your journey with us and will mentor you in developing a high quality skill set which you will apply during your time abroad. Teaching students internationally in challenging environments can often draw upon certain inner values and qualities that are required by teachers such as robustness, the ability to react to change, communication skills and more so whether you are an experienced teacher or new to the profession it will certainly provide you with outstanding self and professional development.

Will my experience help my opportunities in gaining employment?

Having any type of international experience on your CV is invaluable, particularly when your experience is as authentic and challenging as an expedition with Travel Teacher.  Our programs will take you out of your comfort zone and will require you to work effectively with others in often challenging circumstances. Potential employers will recognise any individual that has undertaken such an experience due to the demands involved. A journey with us will enhance your career prospects or may even provide you with an informed choice of what you may choose to do in the future.

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Will it assist me with my university degree?

Absolutely. Our programs fit nice into a number of vocational subject areas and often can be used as evidence or ‘real life’ work experience required as evidence for your degree course.  We do work closely with a number of universities in achieving certain academic outcomes for some participants on our programs and we would be more than happy to assist any applicant with this.  Our programs are recognised by universities as carrying high quality outcomes for all and whether it is skill development or further life experience required by the student - we certainly hit all areas.

There are no barriers to embarking on a Travel Teacher expedition, all applications are considered on an individual basis and we are happy to welcome participants from all walks of life. The world of meaningful travel is awaiting you and we hope that you will embark on this most rewarding, life changing journey with us.

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