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Travel Teacher - A step out of your comfort zone.

Have you ever been to that magic place before? a place where you feel challenged and exposed to things around you that are new and different, a place where you have to call upon certain qualities to assist you, a place where you may experience certain emotions which can be testing and sometimes difficult.

That place is beyond your comfort zone - where the magic happens.

It is beyond this zone where you begin to discover more about you as a person as your inner qualities begin to unravel for all to see.  You begin to utilise skills that you perhaps didn’t know existed within your character make-up. You begin to discover your true potential.

 Travel Teacher | Volunteer Expedition

Travel Teachers volunteer expeditions have been developed to do exactly what's above - stretch and extend individuals beyond there normal level of comfort. We aim to take you on a journey where you will not only have a huge impact on the lives of others but you will also discover your identity and qualities as a human being.  

From the moment you sign up to our program we take that as an indication that you are prepared for the challenge, prepared for the wider world to ask questions of you and prepared to do all you can to ensure that you have the answers.

What challenges will I be faced with?

Perhaps the biggest challenge you will face whilst taking part on an expedition is the cultural adaptation. You will be exposed to local life, living in remote parts of the world where you will be introduced to new walks of life and ways of living. Your surroundings will be different, the languages spoken will be different, the four walls which you are so used to will be different and the food that you eat will be different and finally the environment around you will certainly be different. It may take a few days to adjust to these variable and get used to your new surroundings, you will have the full support of our expert team with you 24/7 in helping you adapt and settle in your remote home.

Once the transition phase has been completed you will begin to really embrace and appreciate what you are experiencing as you truly see through the eyes of local people.

 Travel Teacher | A step out of your comfort zone

Will I be supported?

Travel Teachers expert team will be on hand to help you every step of the way, you will have a member of our team living with you at all times and will also have our local country experts on hand to assist with cultural transition and adaptation.  Our staff are experts in the field and will be competent in dealing with any support needs of desires.  Our role is to ensure that you have a platform in which you can flourish and enjoy your experience with us.

Are the local people friendly?

In all countries that we work in what makes the places so special and unique are the people. You will be exposed to local culture on a daily basis as you live amongst local people. You will receive a warm welcome from the locals as you begin your project with us, they will be eager to learn more about you, your background and identity - they will want to hear your story.  

Its great for our volunteers to be able to practice their own intercultural skills through socialising with local people, it is not uncommon to find that you will even be joined by passers by for dinner in the evening, particularly in our South Pacific Programs.

It is tradition to welcome all with open arms and this certainly is the case in Fiji and The Cook Islands.  You will begin to learn the names of local people and become a real presence in the village, they will certainly not forget you.

 Travel Teacher | Meeting local people

What will my living circumstances be like?

You you be living with the rest of our community in a homestay accommodation right at the heart of the local village. Your accommodation will be clean, homely and will come with a community feeling (everybody’s welcome). All of our programs are very diverse so each environment will be different however you can expect the same harmony a collectively spirit in and around you.  We will require our volunteers to respect certain cultural requirements in each of our countries, this could be as simple as ensuring that your shoes are removed before entering the house, or to partaking in saying grace prior to an evening meal.  Please do not expect the ritz, but instead expect a local experience which will capture your heart and will make for lifelong memories.

Travel Teacher | Volunteer Abroad Blog

Thank you for taking the time to read our educational travel blog! Travel Teacher aims to create impact and develop individuals through the promotion and delivery of meaningful travel expeditions.  Volunteer in Fiji and The Cook Islands, broaden your horizons whilst gaining valuable life experience and making lifelong memories.  Find out how you can join our community.